If the inner-city hustle and bustle is getting too much for you or you simply need to disconnect from reality for a bit, there really is nothing more rejuvenating than a hike in mother nature.


Thankfully Cape Town is home to many wonderful hiking trails. In this post, we are going to share our Top 5 with you.




We had to start off with the most iconic route.


Day and night people stream up and down this popular hike which offers the most magnificent views of the city. Everyone should do this at least once, preferably on a day with clear skies to allow you a view of Robbin Island.


LEVEL: Moderate
DURATION: +- 1 ½ hours




This walk starts at the junction of Tafelberg Road and Kloof Nek. The Pipe Track is precisely what it says: a path constructed to service a pipeline running below the series of peaks known as the Twelve Apostles. In several places, the path is very stony, but it is an easily accessible and popular walk, with many locals making regular use of certain sections.


This route is best enjoyed early on summer mornings and especially during winter when many of its protea species are in bloom.


LEVEL: Easy/Moderate
DURATION: +- 4 ½ hours





Another relatively easy route and part of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, Crystal Pools offers hikers breathtaking views as well as swimming spots to cool down in.


Pre-booking is advised, permits are R65 per person, and gate times are from sunrise to sunset.


LEVEL: Moderate
DURATION: 2-4 hours





The dog-friendly and relatively shaded trails are great for the family. There are numerous tracks to choose from including sights like the ruins of Lady Anne Barnard’s cottage and Rhodes Memorial.


With great picnic spots on offer as well as the Rhodes Memorial Restuarant, an early morning hike with a spot of brunch or lunch makes for the perfect day out!


LEVEL: Moderate
DURATION: 3 hours




At the risk of repeating ourselves, this is another easy hike for the whole family.


The Thomas T. Tucker Shipwreck Trail will have you following the yellow flagged markers along the trail down to the beach. With this amazing sea view and wildlife galore, it’s not only a fun day out but educational too!


1 ½ hours


Some hiking tips to remember…


What to wear:

  • comfortable, breathable clothing
  • hat and sunscreen
  • hiking shoes


What to pack:

  • snacks/ lunch
  • lots of liquids/ water
  • swimming costume
  • extra socks
  • towel
  • camera
  • warm top


Rules for Personal Security:

  • Do not attract unwanted attention by openly displaying cash, cameras or other valuables.
  • If you are confronted by a criminal, don’t resist. Handover your goods as resistance might incite a mugger to violence.
  • Program emergency numbers in your cell phone before your hike.



Of course, there are plenty of other hikes to enjoy but why not get started on one of these, this weekend? Just grab your mates, pack your kit and off you go.


Happy hiking!


The Point Team x


With the potential for Day Zero becoming more of a reality each day, the management team at The Point Mall is driving a comprehensive water-saving campaign throughout the centre, directed at our retail tenants, office tenants and the public.



As the largest shopping centre within Sea Point, The Point Mall fulfils an important role for the community and is a significant contributor to the local economy. It is our priority to ensure that these businesses can continue to operate throughout the water crisis in a responsible and sustainable manner.


In line with the Level 6 B water restrictions and City of Cape Town’s requirement to drastically reduce water consumption, The Point Mall has already introduced a number of water saving initiatives and are in an advanced stage of exploring other opportunities to further improve water efficiency in the long term.



The Point Mall is fully air-conditioned, and unfortunately, the system can use up to 1.2 million litres per month if it is left to run continuously. As of February 1st, we have limited the air conditioner operating times in the basement and retail floors to the centre’s busiest times; 08h00-18h00 during weekdays and 08h00-13h00 during weekends, which will result in a significant reduction of The Point Mall’s water consumption.


The public restrooms are another source of high water consumption. Although The Point Mall has embarked on a water-saving public awareness campaign with numerous information boards and signs displayed throughout the centre, it is impossible to effectively manage irresponsible water usage in the public restrooms.


After careful consideration, The Point Mall opted to close general public access to the restrooms on the first floor, providing access only to patrons who shop at The Point and tenants that do not have their own ablutions facilities, and their customers. Access will be granted on a discretionary basis to people with medical emergencies, pensioners and parents with small children. We do understand that this could be an inconvenience for the public and we request their understanding in this matter.




The water crisis is not limited to the next few months and it is safe to assume that Cape Town will face pressure on its water reserves for the foreseeable future. Looking forward, The Point Mall is exploring alternate methods to augment our supply independent of municipal water. During construction of the basement parking levels in The Point Mall, we discovered (at the time) a significant amount of water which we capture and manage with sump chambers while the overflow feeds into the stormwater drainage system.


We are in the process of designing complex infrastructure to reticulate this water and are busy engaging various experts to investigate the yield, quality and feasibility of using this water as an “off-the-grid” supply for the Point Mall’s purposes in the future.


Our primary objective is to ensure that the Point Mall can continue to trade and serve the community throughout the water crisis, and this will only be possible if we all continue to drastically reduce our water consumption. The possibility of Day Zero moves Cape Town into unchartered territory, and we implore that our tenants, the public, and the community, continue to work with us in a collective effort to save every possible drop.


Together we can #DEFEATDAYZERO


Our guide to the best beaches in Cape Town!

Calling all sun, sand and sea lovers…


If you’re in the market for a new beach to hang out at or visiting for the holidays and not sure where to go, be sure to check out our favourite spots in and around Cape Town.





Dalebrook is still somewhat of a hidden gem, even amongst locals. Those that have discovered it are reluctant to share their findings and it isn’t hard to see why. This tidal pool just off Kalk Bay Main Road, opposite Dalebrook Road, isn’t technically a beach but deserves a mention for providing a safe, yet fun swimming experience for the whole family.





If you prefer a secluded beach with a touch of magic (usually only found in great pirate novels), this one’s for you!

This secret bay can only be reached by hiking 15-20 minutes down the trail from the surrounding cliffs – or by boat. These calm, clear waters are great for snorkelling as the remains of several ships that were scuttled in the bay, create an artificial coral reef where numerous underwater creatures have made their home.  You can find it next to the Cape Point Nature Reserve with signs marking the trail.





This romantic beach is perfect for long walks and absorbing Cape Town’s beautiful sunsets.

Melkbos and Blouberg’s lesser-known cousin, Sunset beach, is a quiet beach rated as the third-best windsurfing spot in the world, after Hawaii and New Zealand. Be sure to find it on the Blouberg strip.





This is a hangout for the young at heart and is popular amongst the students for its laid-back beach lifestyle. Great for surfers who enjoy the fact that the slope on this section of Gordon’s Bay drops down suddenly and sharp.

If you are looking for a thrill and a good tan, this is your best bet!





Being amongst the most beautiful four mini beaches in the world it’s no wonder these little gems, nestled under the mountain are a popular set of beaches amongst locals. The white sands and blue waters have been the subject of countless travel photos over the years.

So, if you are looking for a day out, a great beach and an ‘insta-worthy” location, you can consider your boxes ticked!





The perfect location for the little ones this summer, Boulders Beach boasts with a penguin colony, quiet beaches and secluded coves. Pack a picnic and plan to stay a while as this is sure to be one of their holiday highlights.

Check out the great walking trail with your busybodies and cool off in the slightly warmer waters.





Its colourful Victorian bathing boxes have been a hotspot for adverts over the decades but what about the beach?

It’s also a Blue Flag Beach; which means it gets top marks for safety, recreational facilities and eco-consciousness. That ticks every parent’s box and makes it a mecca for the little ones.

With surfing lessons, and food readily available this is the perfect all-day beach. If the beach is too busy or the waves are too strong pop over to the putt-putt course and water slides and let the fun continue!





As the name suggests it’s an intimate sun baking oven perfect for those looking to tan in peace.

The sheltered beach has kelp forests and rock pools to keep little fishermen busy! The large boulders are ideal for tanning and blue waters idyllic to cool off in. Bring your own cool-bag and sunscreen and share the Cape sun and skies with a view of her mountains from this bayside gem.





Popular with locals for water sports, Melkbos is perfect for wind and kite surfing when wearing a wetsuit.

If you are less of a thrill seeker take a long leisurely stroll along the stretch of beach. This special spot is also home to the NSRI’s Station 18.

We are so spoilt for choice with all our beautiful beaches. Please remember to respect them and keep them clean!







Sorbet and Manfred Jewellers re-launch party!

Sorbet and Manfred Jewellers at The Point Mall have just gone BIGGER and BETTER. You are invited to join the celebration on the 27th of October 2016, see you there!

Sorbet, Manfred Jewellers store relaunch