The Berman Bros Group has been at the forefront of many impressive property developments and rejuvenation projects in Cape Town. Having started building on the Atlantic Seaboard, their buildings have received wide acclaim in Woodstock, Cape Town and outside South Africa.
Established in 1994 by brothers Paul and Saul Berman, the company’s portfolio has expanded in both size and scope. Their expertise is exemplified by a variety of residential and commercial properties in the region. With a portfolio that includes high-end homes, office and apartment blocks, mixed-use commercial developments and shopping centres, the Berman Brothers Group has made solid contributions to the Cape Town property industry.
The Berman Brothers ethos is based on providing hubs of excellence to communities and to making a difference in the areas they develop. They aim to create a positive impact with every project they complete. By transforming aged and floundering properties into developed and functional spaces, they generate value for all parties involved, from property investors, buyers and stakeholders to tenants and residents of the surrounding areas.
One of their most recent developments has been The Point Mall in Sea Point, which has given this area a new feel. It was only fitting that they take up office on the top floor along with co-developers, HCI.