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Stay fresh and festive this season with Kauai

Getting in all your vitamins?

Kauai bringing healthy eating closer to you!


Understanding cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease refers to heart disease (angina & heart attacks), stroke & disease affecting your vessels.

Medical Monday: What is “Text Neck”?

Yes, “Text Neck” is real!

Keeping children healthy this winter – Marc Davidowitz

Children can be very susceptible to getting sick, regardless of the season. The combination of their immature immune systems at times, increasing trend of inappropriate diets and the interaction with many viruses/bacteria at creches/schools all play a part.

The reality of Exercise – Know when to have an off day

The reality of exercise is that you don’t make progress when you work out – you actually make progress when you recover from the workout. Whilst we all love the endorphin rush after a good workout and can’t wait for the next session, it’s important to note that our rest days are as significant, if not the most significant days of our exercise programme.

Operating in Covid-19

So… Let’s get to the point about everything corona. For how many days have we been locked up? 1627952571934 days? Yes? No? We have also lost count.

How to enjoy Cape Town on a budget

With so much to do in and around Cape Town, it can be slightly overwhelming on your wallet. Try one of our “5-Under” options to suit your budget and save big this month whilst still enjoying the Mother City!

Our guide to the best beaches in Cape Town!

If you’re in the market for a new beach to hang out at or visiting for the holidays and not sure where to go, be sure to check out our favourite spots in and around Cape Town.