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Operating in Covid-19

So… Let’s get to the point about everything corona. For how many days have we been locked up? 1627952571934 days? Yes? No? We have also lost count.


Times are strange, confusing and a lot of things are very uncertain. What does the future hold? How will tomorrow look? So many questions, so little answers. One thing we know for sure is that we are all in the same boat, and we will all get through this together.

At the point we have had to adapt and change ways of doing things. We strive to give you the safest and most enjoyable experience possible!


Safety and health is our top priority.

At the Mall we have:

Multiple sanitising stations,
Implementation of social distancing and mandatory mask-wearing.
We have increased our cleaning routines and have a deep cleaning protocol – We have purchased a disinfectant spray bag (mist sanitiser) to do all areas of the mall.
The parking machines are cleaned regularly throughout the day by our dedicated staff.
We temperature test and screen all our staff daily.
All stores also have their own protocols including social distancing and temperature testing at the entrance of each store.

In the Office Tower, we have the same cleaning protocols as mentioned above.

Implementation of social distancing and mandatory mask-wearing.
No unauthorised deliveries are allowed; collection only and all packages are to be sanitized.
We only allow four people at a time per lift.
All people entering are screened, sanitized and temperature tested.
All tenants have these protocols in place.
We strive to meet your expectations daily and to give you the most ‘normal’ experience we can at the moment. Talking about ‘normal’, our restaurants are now open for sit down. Knead, Bootleggers and NV-80 Grill and Bar are open and are welcoming you to come sit down and enjoy your favourite meals and some type of normalcy in this crazy time.


Come sit down, get out of your house and enjoy a safe outing.

Sending all our love during this time. Hope to see you soon.

Get to the Point!