From tartlets to toiletries and everything in between, Checkers has everything under one roof. The Checkers supermarket in The Point Mall is one of the largest in Cape Town and offers a variety of products that make everyday living easier. This is more than just a grocery store – it provides ultimate convenience with the wide range of products available.

The tagline, “better and better”, is the perfect fit for this store, as it seems to trump the others when it comes to the extent of each service offered. The deli section has a great selection of meats such as internationally recognised brands of sausages, salamis and chicken.

If you’re after sweet treats and carbs, then the bakery has what you need from doughnuts and cupcakes to rye bread and French loafs. Did you know that this Checkers has a kosher section where you can purchase food for any time of the day? There is also fresh fish on offer, and once you have your main meal, you can head to the wine aisle where there is a wide selection of well-known red and white wines.

Visit Checkers in The Point Mall for all your essentials.