Edit Microsystems has been supplying technology solutions to a variety of industries and institutions for over 21 years. They have been leaders in the industry as there is a constant push to break boundaries and strive for new, innovative solutions. Working mainly in the education sector, the company is trying to improve teaching and learning practices, while in the corporate industry, trying to improve business communication. Through constant support and development, the technology services provided to the education department, corporate investors, parents and other government departments are always of a high standard.

Edit Microsystem’s aim is to improve interactivity amongst learners and staff with their products, whether it be a classroom or a lecture hall. One of the best-selling solutions for learning rooms has been a package consisting of a smart board, data projector, relevant software, a laptop or pc as well as constant training to ensure the optimum use of technology.

One of the main challenges was to overcome cost implications. Technology in South Africa is expensive and it is up to companies like Edit Microsystems to form valuable partnerships that enable them to provide digital solutions at a cost-effective rate. This company uses ethical business practices to ensure affordable distribution, implementation and training across the board.