Hilton Greenbaum & Co legal advisory services in Sea Point
Hilton Greenbaum established the company with over 35 years’ experience as a registered and chartered accountant. The company, named Hilton Greenbaum & Co, operates from the 5th floor in the Point Mall and specialises in forensic accountancy services and litigation support. This service is not widely available and the expertise involved can only be gained with several years of field experience in auditing and business advisory services.

Dealing with clients in a variety of industries, this company is steadfast in applying their capabilities to unique service requirements. Hilton Greenbaum and Co’s services include;

Litigation support
Forensic accounting services
Valuations of financial interests in unlisted entities and brands and trademarks.
Our expertise produces accounting findings that are necessary for legal teams to argue a case in court or to an arbitrator. We conduct detailed examinations of intricate financial transactions that demand linear and lateral thought processes in order to come to a conclusion. This is completed in communication with the necessary attorneys.

While the type of work we do involves many complex processes and documentation, we build client relationships on mutual respect, understanding and communication, in order to create a mutually beneficial outcome.