Manfred Karner Designer Jewellery Studio is the embodiment of 25 years of uniquely handmade jewellery craftsmanship. Nestled away in The Point Mall in Sea Point, every piece goes beyond the goal of mere ‘creativity’ – our workshop is the hub of all our inspired work. Each design has the goal of unapologetically capturing your bespoke brand of style. We make this possible by working closely with you to channel your preferences, ensuring that when you shop with us you come away with a piece that is unmistakably you – the art in our jewellery design is understanding you.

We pride ourselves in the assortment of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets we make. The broad selection of jewellery boasts elegant beauty and is a testament to our passion. Our range of designer jewellery gives you the opportunity to find a piece that is not only an extension of you but suits the occasion and your budget. Within our selection of rings, you will find a broad array of designs in gold, platinum, solitaire or diamond.

Paying the utmost attention to detail, we have become specialists in diamond rings. The diamonds we use are well balanced in cut, colour, clarity and carat. For the adventurous we offer a variety of diamond shapes outside the popular round cut diamond, that stay true to individual expression.

To complement an occasion, making it a memory, you need to accompany it with the right assemblage of beauty. Whether it is celebrating moments gone, preparing for those to come or simply appreciating the splendour of life itself, you are sure to discover a piece that is tailor-made for you.

A host of other services are available at Manfred Karner Designer Jewellery Studio including valuations and insurance claims. Rest assured every visit to our jewellery store is more than worthwhile.