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Having watched Sea Point go into decline in the 90’s after the Waterfront was built, well-known local builders and developers, The Berman Bros Group (BBG), played a significant role in helping the suburb claw its way back to the modern cosmopolitan hub that it is today.

BBG, together with HCI, bought the old Checkers Galleria Centre and turned it into a modern boutique mall. The centre contains two floors of retail, one floor of health and medical facilities, and five floors of upmarket AAA-Grade office space featuring some of the best views in Cape Town.

While anyone visiting the mall and seeing the busy stores and packed coffee shops can attest to the popularity of the centre, the numbers also tell a story. In terms of parking, the average number of cars using the underground parking facilities has doubled in 2019 compared to 2018, and the foot count for the first half of 2019, is also encouraging.

This is a great accomplishment for The Point Mall, and we thank all our loyal patrons and tenants for their continued support.