Resident smile agent and mom of two, Juliet Lewis, is May’s People Of The Point.


























Her bubbly personality and charm are not all we adore about her, it’s the way she makes us and every one of her OptiSmile patients feel! Find out more about this selfie loving, vivacious and gorgeous lady below…


Tell us 2 things we don’t know about you.

I have always loved reading and it has truly saved me by taking me away to new places, when I need to get away but can’t. In my spare time I’m either riding on the back of a motorbike (Pillion), taking videos or pictures or cooking family meals.



You’re a mom, how many children do you have?

I am so blessed to be the mom of 2 amazing kids, they have truly changed me, and my world for the better. Though I’m not perfect by any stretch, I love them unconditionally and try to be the best mom I can be.



What is your favourite part of Mother’s Day and why?

My favourite tradition is spending a lazy morning with my family and eating a big breakfast at home. This year it will be even more special as we have a new addition to our family, my god-child who we all love so much.


What has been your best Mother’s Day gift and why?

A special poem my daughter wrote, it meant the world that she took the time to write something so special for me.




If you could have one super power what would it be?

Some days I wish I could be invisible to escape into my own world, just think about vanishing in the blink of an eye using your mind. I think it would be hilarious to prank my friends without getting caught! I am a joker at heart and disappearing would be fun.
If I could only pick one though, I would have to say the power to heal. I could not only get rid of minor or major injuries but also help ease the pain of so many people suffering from serious illnesses.



You have been with Clifford and the team for almost 3 years, what is your favourite part of your job?

I love my job and love what I and we do in helping others, building up confidence and creating life-long relationships. It’s all about “having smiles for miles”. I love people and I talk a lot, that’s probably the best part of my job!



You must have met a few celebrity patients at OptiSmile, who are your favourites?

Jeannie D and Herchelle Gibbs! We just love taking “selfies” or as we call them, “ussies”!



5 Favourites & why

1- Favourite quote and why?

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill
No matter what you’re going through, eventually it will end, so don’t give up!


2- Favourite food?

I love pizza because cheese is just amazing! I don’t like toppings, just cheese pizza for me!


3- Favourite movie/ TV show?

There are so many great movies that it’s hard to choose just one. I think anything, except Sci-Fi.


4- Favourite place to visit/ go on holiday?

My favourite place we have been to is Namibia, the sunset, riding in the heat and the rain, it was just an amazing experience! Last year hubby and I did the trip on our motorbike and unfortunately, we had accident just outside after filling up at Solitaire. Maybe next time we will try it in a car. The highlight of our trip was being chased by an Ostrich!





















5- Favourite flower?

I’m not really a flower girl, they are just not for me! In fact, the last flowers I received looked pretty and hubby did a great job arranging them, but he also had to throw them away as I just can’t deal with the mess.


Your message to the moms this Mother’s Day?

To every person rearing and raising a future generation of leaders and game-changers, thank you for what you’re doing!



We’re sure you’ll agree that it was an absolute privilege getting to know Juliette a little bit better. Why not pop in at Optismile on the third floor and become part of the “ussies” team..we know we are!


Know someone who should be the next recipient of the People Of The Point award? Let us know at and we could make it happen!


Till next month!

The Point Team x

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