The fifth person to be featured in our People of the Point segment is the vivacious, caring and creative, Jessica Hahn.


Passionate about fitness and helping her clients be the absolute best version of themselves, Jessica is definitely someone you want on your side. Just don’t talk to her before she’s had a cup of coffee, she might just squish you like a “Pug“!


Here are a few things Jess would like you to know about her.



















Why Pilates and not something else like personal training?

Pilates bases its workouts on the “powerhouse”. The core (or abdominals) are part of the powerhouse but it also includes the lower back, pelvic floor, muscle around the hips as well as the glutes. The powerhouse muscles work together to make a corset of support for the trunk and make the body work more efficiently and effectively Joseph Pilates emphasised this area in his exercise program which we now know as Pilates. Pilates and personal training both have their benefits in different ways. Pilates is really for everyone at any level of fitness and is also suitable for those with injuries or who are pregnant.


What are your other passions/ hobbies?

I love dogs (pugs in particular!) doing SWEAT 1000 classes and walking on the prom. And I JUST LOVE COFFEE. Joe at The BUC juice bar makes the BEST coffee!























What is your favourite splurge item for yourself?

Sneakers, sneakers and sneakers!!


Tell us something interesting about yourself? 

I moved to Cape Town from Joburg 4 years ago.


What is your favourite spot to eat in Sea Point?

Sheckters RAW – matcha or pumpkin flapjacks all the way!!


Favourite TV Show and why?

Game of Thrones (do I need to give a why?? hahaha)


What inspires you?

My clients inspire me. Often they come with injuries or lacking strength in certain areas, I love seeing their dedication and commitment (even when I’m really mean and torturous) and how they improve and find themselves doing things that they could have never done or thought they could do when they started out!



About the B Balanced Pilates studio

This tranquil, fully equipped studio is situated in the world-class BUC Fitness Club, located on the 3rd floor of The Point Shopping Centre.

They offer one-on-one sessions, duos and group equipment (reformer) classes. With BASI® qualified instructors, your sessions will be tailor made for your specific requirements and abilities.





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