This October we introduce you to the epitome of ‘dynamite comes in small packages’, Caryn Pillar. See where the super bubbly brunette from the 7th floor eats, what her hobbies are and how she unwinds in the October edition of People of The Point.


Tell us about what you do?


I am the HR and Office Manager at Titan Digital. I manage the office and oversee the staff in our Cape Town office, and this ranges from policy and procedure implementation, recruitment, labour relations, training, cultural events, office management and in a nutshell, the overall wellbeing of everyone at the office.




Who are the people that inspire you?


To be honest, no one inspires me more than my mother. She is amazing, and I can only aspire to be half of what and who she is today. She is one of the most caring, determined, motivated and generous people I know and is my biggest inspiration.


What is your passion?


I have a passion for people, so I try to spend as much time as I can with the people I love. I also have a passion for being creative in my everyday life – from organising events to sketching and baking!



How do you stay positive an motivated?


I am a very goal and people-oriented person, so setting very clear and defined goals for myself allows me to stay motivated and positive.



Tell us something we don’t know about you.


I’m lowkey addicted to gummy sweets, caramel Tim tams and Cadbury 5-star chocolates. On a serious note though, I was a modern dancer for ten years of my life and… I am also one year shy of being an admitted attorney.


What are your hobbies?


I’m a huge Marvel comic fan, so I love watching all comic book series and movies, reading fantasy fiction books, sketching, baking and cake decorating!



What do you do to relax?  


I love pampering myself (I believe it must be done) so I enjoy painting my nails, doing some therapeutic colouring, training at BUC 😊 and some pilates or yoga from time to time.


Are you and the Titan Digital Team doing anything for Halloween?


Yes! We will host a Halloween dress up party at our office at the end of October- this will be awesome


What is your favourite place to eat out at in Cape Town?


I love Beluga in Greenpoint and eating at Tasha’s in Constantia – they have amazing waffles!


What is your idea of a perfect weekend?


A perfect weekend for me would be a weekend away along the coast, reading, eating sweets, hiking and swimming.



We hope you have a great month ahead, remember to keep an eye on our social platforms for all the events happening in and around Cape Town.


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Until next time,

The Point Team x

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