People Of The Point: Tzvia Hermann

When did your passion for beauty start?

Like many woman and men out there, I had had enough of unwanted facial and body hair and had tried everything from waxing, tweezing, threading and over 20 IPL sessions to get rid of it. Now, I am not only completely free of unwanted hair, but a bit of a serial entrepreneur. I turned my frustrating and painful experience into a business that will help others.

I spent many hours in my mother’s beauty salon learning all the tricks of the trade. I was qualified from experience from the age of 15 in everything from manicures and pedicures to facials and skin care regimes. This is where I developed my love for the beauty industry.

What were you doing before you started The Laser Beautique?

After matriculating I moved to the UK where I lived in London and traveled for 9 years gaining life experience and dabbling in every profession imaginable. As a South African, I could not get permanent employment, I could only get contracts so I worked as a restaurant host, bartender, receptionist, personal assistant, legal secretary while I studied law through UNISA and then worked as graphic/web designing for a publishing company. I even got experience as a recruiter for a recruitment agency and then spent a few years making incredible memories working as a fundraiser for a children’s charity.

How did you start the first Laser Beautique branch?

The idea of The Laser Beautique began when my mother and I were sitting watching the famous American TV show The Doctors. As soon as the episode started we were glued to the TV as the show featured a revolutionary pain free permanent hair removal laser. The show detailed the technology around the laser, what made it work and how it was possible that it is pain free. I immediately googled the device and manufacturer and to my amazement saw that the device I was manufactured by an Israeli company, I was over the moon as I had booked and paid for my ticket to go to Israel for a friend’s wedding in a week from that day.  Its as though it was meant to be! This was to be the start of a great journey.

I called the manufacturers, booked an appointment to visit the factory and met with the people claiming to have manufactured every woman’s dream – pain free laser hair removal. After a successful meeting I was trained to operate various lasers and had treatments myself to make sure that the technologies lived its promises. And it did!

I put together a business plan so that I could apply for funding to open the very first Laser Beautique. The plan was to start small, from my moms family home. I trained my younger sister, Rochelle on the laser and she would be the first laser therapist.

I presented my business plan to Neil so that he could help me tweak it before sending it off to the bank. Neil fell in love with the idea of an aesthetic clinic that only offers services that have been tried, tested and work. He offered to partner with me in the business. We ordered the first device and the rest is history.

We believe you also launched a beauty school called Beautique Academy? 

The need for comprehensive aesthetic and laser training is what made us launch Beautique Academy. I love the quote: “A teacher presents the past, reveals the present and creates the future”

Not only has a new era arrived for the beauty industry in South Africa but a tipping point in education world wide as online education is becoming popular. Beauty academy successfully launched by the Beautique group, launched in Nov 2018 with two online beauty courses, namely Electrolysis and Thermocoagulation. Further short courses will be available in the next few months.

Beautique Academy was founded to provide comprehensive beauty, aesthetic and applied business training programs that aim to facilitate career growth, entrepreneurial ventures and even career change within the beauty/aesthetic industry. The industry is growing and changing rapidly. Beautique Academy urge and inspire students to kick start or upgrade their career online at as it is vital for both new and existing cosmetologists to remain at the forefront of new technologies and treatment options, in order to provide the best health and skincare solutions to their clientele.

Beautique Academy offers training courses based on tried and tested technologies and treatments in association with The Laser Beautique and Beautique Brands. The Academy offers specialised modules that allows cosmopolitan woman and men to enter into the diverse field of advanced beauty and aesthetic technology at their own convenience. The Academy is proud to offer a modern online learning experience, complimented by expert practical lessons. Our trainers are qualified experts, who provide remote and hands-on training support backed by current training and by years of industry experience behind them.

How do you find working with your husband?

When friends and colleagues find out that we work together 24/7, they’re amazed. Most say they’d never be able to share a bed and a business.

But at the end of the day, running a business together means you see your other half a lot more than the average couple would, and this is a real bonus. We’re lucky that we enjoy each other’s company.

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