This month’s People of the Point is none other than Lexi Ryman and Dominique Vieira. Their contemporary yoga studio Wild Thing yoga is situated on the 3rd floor of The Point Mall.



The Sanskrit translation of Wild Thing or Camatkarasana means ‘the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart’ and that is exactly what this yoga studio is for them. A love for yoga is where this all started and Wild Thing is that love in a tangible form. We took some time to play catch and learn a few new things about Dom and Lexi, enjoy!


Please introduce yourselves?
L: Hello, I’m Lexi; one half of Wild Thing Yoga & Body Conditioning studio.
D: And I’m Dom, the other half.


How long have you been friends/ business partners?
The year after finishing grad school was a tumultuous one, both of us had a bit of a rocky start with our foray into adulthood and the working world which brought us closer together and the blossoming friendship became a partnership as we decided to give corporate life the flick and follow our passion instead.


How did you meet?
We met at grad school when we had both finished our undergraduates unsure of where to go or what to do next, we both decided to extend our career as students.


What made you decide to work together and open the studio?
We had worked together a lot whilst studying and had a very productive working relationship so knew we were compatible in that regard. We decided to go ahead and open the studio after we decided the 8 – 5, living for the weekend wasn’t the life for us. We spent a lot of time having long discussions (and promenade walks) about how much we love yoga and movement and how badly we just wanted to share that passion with people. Our beautiful studio space kind of fell into our laps so we took the leap and went for it.


What is the best decision you have ever made?
Opening the studio – you realize your biggest fears and nerves are just that; fear and nerves. The world still spins, and the sun still rises each day whether you face your fears or not, so why not?



What is your biggest regret?
L: Not following our passion sooner.
D: Allowing myself to be so plagued by self-doubt and taking so long to pluck up the courage to just go for it. You know when you start out in the working world (at least in my experience) you are told that you’re too young, that you don’t know enough and that you must do things a certain way because “that’s just the way it’s always been”.


What is your favourite part of your job?
L: Teaching. Easily. Whether there are two people in class or a full house, the energy differs, and you learn something new every time you step into that room.
D: Same, and the fact that I get to do this with my other half. I think our students think we give them more than we get, but honestly teaching is just the best part of my day. Our students teach us so much every single day and seeing them show up for themselves on their mats is the absolute best.


What is your favourite hobby/ thing to do and why?
L: Deepening my practice. I love being an eternal student and continuing to sink my teeth into every element of the yoga practice.
D: Ha-ha, what Lex said. This practice is so vast and so nuanced, you literally can’t ever know everything. The only thing I know for certain is just how much there is still for me to learn and discover about myself and this path I’ve chosen. The lines between teacher and student are intricate and fine at best.


Tell us something interesting about the other person (Lexi/Dom)
L: Dom is easily the most fanatical cat lady I’ve ever met.
D: Ha-ha that’s a rich one coming from Lex seeing as our second strongest bonding point would definitely be cats and the selfies that have been sent my way could easily tip the obsession scale in her favour. Lex knows the lyrics to pretty much every single old school rap song ever made, and she has some deliciously spicy dance moves that sneak out whenever the music is good enough to move to.


What is the scariest thing you have ever done?
L: Open this studio.
D: 100 percent opening the studio. No way I would have done it without my best friend by my side.


All photo credit goes to Herman Jordaan
Instagram: @herman_jordaan


Contact Details:

Wild Thing Yoga & Body Conditioning

Tel: +27 82 515 4048
Address: Unit 310, 3rd Floor, The Point Mall, 76 Regent Rd, Sea Point

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