The inspiration for Carine Glass’s exciting new venture, RAFAELA LEAH, is undoubtedly her life-long love affair with beautifully crafted jewellery. With both parents having forged careers in the industry, Carine is well versed in this dynamic and fulfilling environment. This go-getting entrepreneur founded an experiential marketing and events agency in 2008, thus fulfilling a dream to start her own business. In the past decade, she has launched both new products and brands for one of the leading cosmetics, skincare and fragrance companies in the world, and her latest project – RAFAELA LEAH – is a continuation of her passion for excellence and innovation in all things luxurious. After more than ten years in beauty PR and eventing, Carine is ready to unveil her sensational new undertaking, by launching her very own jewellery brand. She has come full circle with RAFAELA LEAH! The brand is exceptionally personal and close to her heart – it’s named after her only daughter, and each piece in the collection is named after females who have inspired her or who have played an important role in both her professional and personal journey. Carine wants to provide her customers with unique jewellery items that are extremely high-end. RAFAELA LEAH is all about uncompromising quality, yet the range is also priced attractively. She wants everyone to aspire to own a piece of RAFAELA LEAH jewellery that remains affordable and attainable.RAFAELA LEAH brings wonderful women, exquisite jewellery and captivating keepsakes together – positioning itself on the cutting edge of the online jewellery industry.