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With instant access to hundreds of musical instruments, sound effects and songs, Beamz from Edit Microsystems gives you an interactive music experience like no other.

Beamz is a sophisticated yet easy to use system of laser beam controllers combined with interactive music, allowing you to create music with a minimal learning curve.

Edit Micro Systems Beamz


Anyone can compose an original song mix, record the performance and share it with friends and family through audio devices and social media. Beamz’ interactive song library covers a wide range of music genres, such as blues, pop, country, rap, classical, jazz, rock and many more.

Although it was purposefully designed to address the needs of students with physical, cognitive and learning disabilities, as well as students with Autism, it is a fantastic all-family fun entertainment system.

For more information download the Edit Microsystems Beamz Flyer




A4-calculatorA4 Talking Desktop Calculator – it talks to the user in a clear female voice. The large buttons, clear display and announcements make simple calculating tasks more convenient and efficient for individuals who cannot see a standard display. (Suitable for low vision users)




Talking alarm clockT21 Talking Alarm Clock with Spoken Temperature – a compact unit with a clear LCD display and a voice announcing the time and temperature.





W15-watchW15 Gents/Ladies Single Button Talking Wristwatch – By pressing a single button the talking wristwatch will tell you the time. The buttons are recessed to prevent accidental operation.







A4-sheet magnifierA4 Sheet Magnifier – 2x magnification and is ideal for magnifying type in books, magazines, paperwork and for craft and needle work. The magnifier comes with two stands and can be used as a hands-free device. The stands are adjustable in height and allow viewing from a flat and angled perspective and can be removed. The magnifier can also be folded for easy storage.


MaxEvent GlassesMaxEvent Glasses – The glasses are hands-free with a mirrored coating applied to the lenses which eliminates glare and allows enlargement for the person wearing the glasses – the enlargement is not visible to the external observer. The most comfortable long-range viewing device ever.




Portable Colour magnifierPortable Colour Video Magnifier – a 3.5-inch screen which makes it ideal to carry with you wherever you go. It features six text/background colour modes, four levels of magnification and can magnify up to 10 times. Brightness is adjustable and it has a low battery indicator. The unit can be used independently or connected to a TV or computer via a USB converter.





Alphabet sticker keyboardAlphabet Keyboard Stickers – a set of vinyl stickers for the QWERTY keyboard – upper and lower case. These stickers are ideal for users who have visual difficulties including a special contrast. (five sheets with four style choices)









Talking Measuring JugTalking Measuring Jug – It announces measurements in metric litres and millilitres, imperial pints and fluid ounces and U.S pints and fluid ounces and can convert the reading of one measurement unit to another. The user can add either liquids or solids (i.e. sugar) and the jug will announce the measurement out load. The talking measuring jug can hold up to two litres.



Trekker-Breeze-handheld-talking-GPSTrekker Breeze Hand-held Talking GPS – The device ensures that the user is always aware of where they are heading. It announces their location and surrounding areas. It is very user-friendly, small and discreet, portable and light to carry around. (users with low vision and the blind)



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