Lorna Jane 2017 Active Living Diary

IMAGE1If 2016 is the year you intend on wholeheartedly embracing Active Living, why not get off to the very best start possible? Whatever your goals or intentions are for the New Year, making them happen will require a little bit of soul-searching and a whole lot of planning and the 2017 Lorna Jane Diary will help you do just that!

This year Lorna Jane wanted the 2017 Active Living Diary to be super visual with lots of Move, Nourish & Believe goodness. Packed with 7 nourishing recipes that have never been shared before, 12 monthly reflection pages and plenty of quotes to keep your motivation at an all-time high, all year-round.



“I had such a big vision for our 2017 Active Living Diary! I really wanted it to be the best possible companion for the active woman on-the-go because essentially, that’s me and all the women I work with. My goal was to create something just as useful as it is beautiful with lots of colour, freshness and motivation to live active.” – Says the visionary herself, Lorna Jane Clarckson.



Meet the team behind the 2017 Active Living Diary and find out how it all came together…


Project Manager: Shannon Langston

“What a fun project to manage! I usually work within the digital sphere so it was really nice to mix things up and actually get something tangible at the end. I particularly enjoyed seeing all of our dreams come together as a team.”

Favourite Page: The beautiful sunset quote about flying…


IMAGE4The Creative: Kelly Bastaja
“I really wanted this diary to have soul so that it evokes something special for each user. For me, shooting the nourishing recipes was a huge highlight – not just because we got to taste-test but because we got to pull together some really dreamy new creations. Think: saucy cacao pancakes with raspberries – YUM!”

Favourite page: I can’t choose just one! Can I say ALL the quotes and recipes?



The Graphic Designer: Keisha Leon
“My initial thoughts were to make 2017 really fun and eye-catching, with each page new page changing with colourful content. I loved working on the diary, it was such a fun and creative project. I loved the watercolours on the monthly planning pages – in particular the watercolours in May.”

Favourite page: I love the month of May because of the lemons – oh, and the pink flowers quote!


IMAGE5The Graphic Designer: Lorae Misipeka
“Needless to say we were all pretty excited to work on the 2017 diary (I admit, partially as an excuse to paint for hours on end). I saw the diary as an opportunity to project vibrancy and optimism into the year ahead.”

Favourite page: If you could call it a ‘page’ – I love the lush cloth-bound grey cover.



Make 2017 your best year yet – Available in store at Lorna Jane, Shop 11, 2nd Floor of the Point.

Images and quotes originally published here.