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Trace Therapy is offering a 20 % discount on a Liver cleanse as well as 10 % off natural progesterone for balancing hormones for Men in November.

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The Feminization Of Men
An excerpt from an article by Virginia Hopkins.

Men are less manly than they used to be. This trend of greater feminized men has more to do with increased levels of estrogen than decreased levels of testosterone. Now, this has its positive effects – greater sensitivity to others, improved communication skills and less inclination to start a bar room brawl- but it also means testosterone levels are lower, sperm counts are lower and they’re fatter. Let us explain.




The Biochemistry of the Less Manly

The fact that modern men are less manly has everything to do with higher levels of estrogen than lower levels of testosterone. Estrogen is the female hormone and testosterone is the male hormone, but the male body produces some estrogen and the female body produces some testosterone. 

The balance of these hormones becomes compromised when we’re exposed to estrogen-mimicking chemicals (called xenoestrogens) found in plastics, pesticides, pollution, smog, air fresheners, laundry products, perfumes, body care products, carpeting, furniture and more. The modern man experiences more exposure to estrogen than any generation before, giving his cells and brain mixed messages about hormone balance. 

Estrogen counteracts the effects of testosterone, telling the body to hold water, gain fat in the hips and buttocks, lose chest hair and grow breasts. Estrogen also sends the cells “multiply and grow” messages, which is why it is associated with so many cancers. A growing body of evidence shows that estrogen in men contributes to prostate enlargement and cancer. 

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You won’t believe the results of this ALL-NATURAL Liver Detox

A powerful tool to optimize your health and well-being

Many people believe that gallstones can only be found in the gallbladder. Most gallstones are actually formed in the liver – something which can very easily be verified with a liver flush.














An estimated 20% of the world’s population will develop gallstones at some stage in their life, with many opting to surgically remove them. Gallstones in the liver are one of the major reasons for people becoming ill and having difficulty recovering from illness.

Cleansing the liver and gallbladder helps to restore homeostasis, balances weight and hormones and sets the precondition for the body to heal itself. The liver is one of the most complex and active organs in the body, so when you remove the obstacles that prevent the liver from doing its job properly, the body can return to a state of vitality.


The Flush
The liver flush is an overnight procedure. To remove gallstones you will need a Liver Cleansing Kit from Trace Therapy.

See these fascinating results from one of our patients in France below:

Nicola from Cannes says; “I thought you might need proof for your clients! As my doctor didn’t believe me that it was possible to pass the stones using natural methods. The biggest stone on the left is 19mm, which is the biggest stone the ultrasound said I had – so I am happy with that! I am still passing little stones, although not as many. I took my last dose of Epsom salts about an hour ago. Very happy with the results.”


























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