Enertronica South Africa Sea Point, Cape Town

Contractor for the construction of photovoltaic power plants

Enertronica is a dynamic company that operates in the renewable energy industry, more specifically, in the photovoltaic and lighting fields. We offer an all-inclusive solution by providing design, construction and management of these energy plants throughout the country.

We pride ourselves on making a positive contribution to the environment, economy and society.


Photovoltaic plants are constructed to alleviate pressure on power grids that provide electricity to regions. Solar energy is gathered from the sun and transformed into electricity that commercial, industrial and residential sectors can use in place of the national power grid.

Solution systems include:

  • Design and conception of solar power plants
  • Design and manufacturing of mounting systems
  • Design and manufacturing of photovoltaic uniaxial and biaxial tracker
  • Supervising, maintaining and controlling video surveillance at power plants

Lighting Industry

At Enertronica, we also design, manufacture and supply quality LED lighting for the commercial and industrial industries as well as public urban and suburban resources. We have conceptualised a unique lighting range, Enerled, and its production is carried out within a company that incorporates electrical, mechanical and electronic engineers with tested experience. The materials used in producing the Enerled line are all under guarantee due to consistent engagement of Enertronica with qualified and certified suppliers.

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