Magnetic Software, Sea Point, Cape Town

Business Management Software, CRM, Project Management and Accounting

Business management involves a lot planning, organisation and administration. To manage everything accurately, it is imperative that you use a business software program to assist you. Magnetic is one of the most versatile business management software programmes, as it incorporates almost every aspect of your business from HR and finances to sales and project management.

Magnetic has a user-friendly interface that allows anyone to use the programme effectively across the company. The platform is segmented into various tabs that all people in any job capacity to make use of part of the software that is only relevant to them. For example, the sales team have their own section, while the production department of the business has theirs.

This business management software allows you to view your business at a glance and keep an eye of all the activities within the company. Whether it is for CRM, project management, HR or accounting, the platform allows you to communicate between departments effectively with an integrated email service that sends notifications and updates, which can be adjusted by you.

Magnetic’s innovative software is interactive. A traffic manager and other production managers have the capability to task employees, allocated timings, and attach to a specific job/client to track the amount of time and money spent. This benefit makes working out costing and timing easily.

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