Full Body Workout in Sea Point, Cape Town

With a name that spells Specialised Weight Endurance Athletic Training (SWEAT), and the 1000 representing the amount of calories you should burn in an intense 1-hour workout, SWEAT 1000 should be the workout of choice for everyone. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, gain stamina and endurance or simply want to keep fit, these classes are ideal.

By incorporating a high level of physical training components, SWEAT 1000 integrates interval and functional training, core stability work, athletic and agility training, into a dynamic, action-packed 1-hour class that is different every session. Since the class dynamic changes with every session, the SWEAT 1000 trainers alleviate the boredom factor. Every time you step into the class, you can expect something different, so the surprise factor is what keeps people going and excited. The fitness regimes are continually developing and you can benefit from receiving workouts that are always up to date with current world fitness trends.

The trainers make each session as enthusiastic as possible by using different lighting effects, smoke machines and loud music. By coaching the entire class with the microphone speaker system, you don’t have to worry about looking up for directions – focus on what you’re doing, listen to instructions and let the music pump through you.