Chiropractors & Massage Therapist

If you are looking for physiotherapists and chiropractors in Cape Town, look no further than The Chiropractic Health Centre- a well-known establishment specialising in chiropractic and massage therapy. Servicing Cape Town for decades, the centre has a large client base and a high retention rate due to its excellent service offering and proven results.

Consisting of a team of professional healthcare practitioners, AThe Chiropractic Health Centre is dedicated to facilitating your journey to reaching and maintaining your health goals. Rather than falling into a category of symptoms, you are treated as an individual. Whatever service you choose to receive at the centre, the treatment is customised to suit your unique requirements.

The highly skilled and experienced practitioners use a distinct approach to correcting the cause of your health concerns. Using a natural, holistic and evidence-based approach, your problem will be diagnosed and treated in an effective and safe manner.

At The Chiropractic Health Centre, the team consists of chiropractors, a physiotherapist, who specialises in lynotherapy, a massage therapist and a beauty therapist who specialises in laser therapy. In addition, the centre uses innovative technology such as the Bioflex low-level laser system, which is excellent for the treatment of chronic pain.