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Contact Details 7th Floor, The Point Mall, Sea Point

Non-invasive, drug free pain relief in Sea Point, Cape Town

Trace Therapy uses alternative, natural sources to heal a variety of body ailments. By using drug-free treatments, the therapists at Trace work with you create a pathway to achieve the best possible health.

Visiting Trace Therapy is not just for healing, it is about overall wellbeing. There are various natural products you can purchase, to incorporate into your daily routine that will result in you feeling healthier both physically and mentally.

By using innovative technology and proven machinery, the Trace team assess your entire body to provide a proper diagnosis first because trying to fix a painful area. The consensus is that the pain you are feeling is the result of something else as every part of the body is connected in someway. By getting to the origin of the problem, not only will the immediate pain will be relived but the root of it will be healed, making it less likely to reoccur.

Trace Therapy does not believe in chemicals of any sort. As proven by various specialists, chemicals cause more harm to your body and only make you reliant on these substances. The aim of Trace is to help your body operate the best way it can – naturally.

Visit Trace Therapy located on the 7th floor of The Point Mall, and experience the power of natural healing.

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