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Surelife Financial Services was established in 2012 as a juristic representative of Discovery Life. Surelife provides expert solutions in the financial sector to individuals and businesses seeking wealth advice. With a group of goal-orientated, professional individuals on your side, you will receive the best possible solution through constant communication, commitment and integrity.

The aim is to assess clients and their financial needs according to industry benchmarks and identify financial requirements through various assessments and analysis. After the analysis, we discuss solutions that complement the client’s lifestyle and financial stability. We believe in a client-centred approach, as it provides personalised and useful financial planning.

Surelife specialises in the following services:

Wealth creation and protection

Financial services
Investment strategy
Personalised solutions
Wellness programmes
Corporate funds
Group risk benefits
Offshore investments
Capitalising on allowable offshore concessions
Car insurance
Household insurance
Homeowners insurance
Business assurance
Life insurance
Estate planning
Disability and income protection
Severe illness cover
Bond cover
Retirement planning
Medical aids
Contingent liability
Business debt settlement
Keyman planning

Business or individual financial security can become complex and expensive. By using a professional service, you will save time and money while looking out for your best interests. For a variety of financial planning services, speak to the experts at Surelife.