This go-getting entrepreneur founded an experiential marketing and events agency in 2008, thus fulfilling a dream to start her own business.

In the past decade, she has launched both new products and brands for one of the leading cosmetics, skincare and fragrance companies in the world, and her latest project – RAFAELA LEAH – is a continuation of her passion for excellence and innovation in all things luxurious.

After more than ten years in beauty PR and eventing, Carine is ready to unveil her sensational new undertaking, by launching her very own jewellery brand.

Tell us more about Rafaela Leah and how it started

I grew up in a jewellery environment with both parents having forged careers in this very exciting industry before I was born, so my love for the trade started at a very young age.  For over a decade, I actually ran my own corporate events business but in 2016 I decided to change my professional direction, and less than a year later I launched RAFAELA LEAH online jewellery store. Six months after that, we opened our first retail kiosk.



Rafaela Leah is named after your daughter and your jewellery is named after females who have inspired you, who are some of your favourite inspirations?

My children are my biggest inspiration and the driving force behind everything that I do! After them, I draw inspiration from the amazing women with whom I spend my time –  family members, friends as well as colleagues and other women in business.  Hence the reason I give them all praise in my business my naming jewellery after them!


You were in marketing and events why the change?

A personal event 2 years ago made me re-evaluate how, where and with whom I want to spend my time.  Whilst the events business is exciting and comes with many perks, it also means extensive travelling and time away from home and loved ones.


What was your thought/goal when starting Rafaela Leah?

I really want to provide women with stunning jewellery items that are of the highest calibre. RAFAELA LEAH is all about uncompromising quality, yet the range is also priced attractively. I want everyone to aspire to own a piece of RAFAELA LEAH jewellery, but still, ensure the brand remains affordable. It makes me incredibly excited to position this brand on the cutting edge of the South African jewellery industry.


Are there any exciting projects/ ranges launches/collaborations in the pipeline?

We are launching the MIKAEL NOAH men’s collection towards the end of August which I’m thrilled about – the South African market has been lacking in trendy men’s accessories and jewellery, which I’m planning to change – so watch this space!


What is the best part of being in your industry?

I love spending time at my kiosk and with my customers when I get the chance – getting to know them and what jewellery they like is key to building and maintaining a successful jewellery brand.


What inspires and empowers you about women?

Margaret Thatcher sums it up for me – I just love this quote from her “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman”.


How do you try to inspire and empower women?

By encouraging them to have a voice, be it in the workplace with their colleagues or at home with their families. Women need to shift the perceptions they have about themselves and the other women around them. We can wear the pretty lipstick and still go to battle! We shouldn’t have to make a choice between being feminine and balsy.


What is your wish for your daughter and future woman?

That she, and all of our daughters, will hopefully not have to spend so much of their valuable time and energy proving that they are as capable as their brothers!


Thank you, Carine, for being such a wonderful inspiration to all women, everywhere.


Till next month,

The Point Team x

Dr Clifford Yudelman


Our third tenant to be featured in the “People of the Point” segment, is the instantly captivating, Dr Clifford Yudelman.


Founder and owner of the exquisite Optismile dental studio, Dr Yudelman is fulfilling his childhood dream of being a dentist. He has travelled (and lived) all over the world, makes you laugh out loud with his jokes and genuinely adores his family.


We reckon if he wasn’t the rock star dentist that he is, he could’ve been the next Mario Testino snapping away and getting people to say “CHEESE” for a different reason!


Here are some interesting facts you might not have known about Dr Yudelman.


Why dentistry and not something else; was it a calling?


Dentistry was my calling. My father was a dentist and ever since I was about 3, I said Daddy I want to be just like you when I grow up, I want to be a dentist!


What has changed the most in the industry since you began?


In the last 10 years, dentistry has been revolutionized with the introduction of digital scanning, 3D printing and Invisalign retainers. Not to mention one visit ceramic veneers and e.max, a ceramic material that is very strong, life-like and the market leader world round. We have the most amazing lab technician who is so up to date, all the top dentists in Cape Town use him as well.


What are the most common misconceptions about dentists?


I think some of the common misconceptions about dentists are that they like to hurt people. The one thing I always do is to make sure all visits are as painless as possible. We have even invested in a special machine for numbing patients to make a patient as comfortable as possible.

Another misconception is that people who haven’t been to a dentist in a long time will be made to feel chastised.  We welcome all patients, even if they haven’t been for 5 or 10 years. We are here to help restore their dental health and allow them to smile with confidence.


What would your ideal day be?


My ideal day involves coming to work. I love the beautiful office space, friendly staff and amazing patients we have accumulated in the last 18 months. It makes work a very pleasant place to be. After work, I like to walk down to the promenade and take photos at Sunset of people walking on the rocks, surfing and the wonderful sunsets. I then go to my family for a home cooked meal.


What is the best place you travelled to?


The best place I have travelled to, well that’s hard to answer, I would have to say it’s Cape Town. I speak from experience, I lived in London for 4yrs, California for 16yrs and Perth for 12 years. I chose Cape Town after meeting and rekindling with my high school sweetheart, 37 years later! I’ve never looked back, it’s the best place out of 130 countries I’ve been to.


Tell us a bit about yourself when you aren’t Dr Clifford and how you spend your down time?


When I’m not Dr Clifford, I’m a family man and I like going on family outings. I like to spend my down time walking along the promenade, visiting Mojo Market with my family and going out for dinner. I cycle occasionally and enjoy going for scenic drives. I recently purchased a set of in-line skates to get into shape as well.


Tel: +27 87 702 6886
Address: Suite 303, 3rd Floor, The Point Mall, Sea Point