The first person to feature in our People of the Point segment for 2018, is one half of the BUC and S.W.E.A.T. 1000 duo,  Andrew Rothschild.


















Now, not only is Andrew probably one of the fittest and healthiest guys on earth, but he is also a dedicated husband and devoted father. A nicer man you will struggle to meet, just don’t crack a joke about his hair…you might end up being bench-pressed like he does his truck!


Let’s find out more about this mountain of a man with a heart and a smile that matches it in every way…


What is your favourite hobby/activity to do and why?


Hands down spending time with my family. My greatest joy is the gym and my team here, but the most important thing aside from that, is spending time with my wife and my family.


Our youngest is three, so a lot of our family time is structured around her as we like to get out and keep the kids entertained. I’m also way too restless to stay at home and have a lazy day.


What is the biggest misconception about you?


The biggest misconception… that my hair is real. Just kidding!


I think people find me intimidating but I’m really not. I can’t say how people feel but maybe they think that I don’t eat carbs? I don’t know, I try not to care about what people think.

















Tell us something interesting about your brother Paul.


Wow, something interesting about Paul. He is a genius, very smart and has an Honours Degree in Economics. He is the most phenomenal photographer as well. Luckily you aren’t asking him this question about me.


If you were banned from using any gym, how would you keep fit for a week?


I would do any outdoor activity, be it running or hiking. Any form of outdoor training, really. I prefer a combination of cardio and weights so anything that combines them is what I would do.


If there is no gym I sometimes bench press my car, it’s a great workout, you know.























Has it always been a dream big- achieve big mindset?


Basically, after our honours in 1994, we decided that we wanted to get into health & fitness and personal training because people always asked us for advice.


We have always been athletic, loved and played a lot of sport. I remember saying to our parents that we wanted to become personal trainers and they didn’t understand why as we had just completed our studies. At that stage, compulsory conscription was abolished so we had two years to try it out but they were always very supportive.


I don’t think it’s dream big, achieve big – it’s hard work and dedication.  The change and monetary aspect are secondary. It’s not about the Ferrari, it’s about the legacy you leave behind.


What is the favourite part of your job?


We have a real love for what we do and it’s just grown and grown.  From us working at the Health and Racket, to having a small gym, to importing and exporting equipment.


My brother and I are both very ambitious, but I do feel the most fulfilling part of our job is changing peoples lives. Whether it’s a celebrity or your average Joe, it’s all about positivity.


There is no space for negativity here, so the change is always big.






















Name your favourite thing to do for Valentine’s Day.


The reality is that every day should be Valentine’s day otherwise you take the other 364 days of the year for granted. But because it is glamorized, and everything is more expensive I think the most important thing is spending time with my wife.


We really have been through thick and thin and that’s what family is all about. We are a very strong unit who support each other unconditionally. There is no way we would be where we are without each other, she’s my sounding board and my support. She really is my world.






















What is your worst date experience?


I don’t think we have ever had a bad date. I believe that if life throws you lemons, make a protein shake. Just kidding! We honestly haven’t had a bad date, even when we first started dating.


What is the best marriage advice you ever received?


We have been married for 11 years and the best advice we have ever been given is to communicate. To listen and talk is the most important part of every day, it’s imperative to touch base and make sure we are on the same page.






















Last question. Would you rather always be 10 minutes late or always be 20 minutes early?


I don’t think it’s a “would I rather” because I am always late. I blame it on the time it takes to do my hair! I suppose I should work on being 20 minutes early going forward.



Contact Details:

BUC & SWEAT 1000

Tel: +27 21 439 9903
Web: /
Address: Unit 305, 3rd Floor, The Point Mall, 76 Regent Rd, Sea Point




The fifth person to be featured in our People of the Point segment is the vivacious, caring and creative, Jessica Hahn.


Passionate about fitness and helping her clients be the absolute best version of themselves, Jessica is definitely someone you want on your side. Just don’t talk to her before she’s had a cup of coffee, she might just squish you like a “Pug“!


Here are a few things Jess would like you to know about her.



















Why Pilates and not something else like personal training?

Pilates bases its workouts on the “powerhouse”. The core (or abdominals) are part of the powerhouse but it also includes the lower back, pelvic floor, muscle around the hips as well as the glutes. The powerhouse muscles work together to make a corset of support for the trunk and make the body work more efficiently and effectively Joseph Pilates emphasised this area in his exercise program which we now know as Pilates. Pilates and personal training both have their benefits in different ways. Pilates is really for everyone at any level of fitness and is also suitable for those with injuries or who are pregnant.


What are your other passions/ hobbies?

I love dogs (pugs in particular!) doing SWEAT 1000 classes and walking on the prom. And I JUST LOVE COFFEE. Joe at The BUC juice bar makes the BEST coffee!























What is your favourite splurge item for yourself?

Sneakers, sneakers and sneakers!!


Tell us something interesting about yourself? 

I moved to Cape Town from Joburg 4 years ago.


What is your favourite spot to eat in Sea Point?

Sheckters RAW – matcha or pumpkin flapjacks all the way!!


Favourite TV Show and why?

Game of Thrones (do I need to give a why?? hahaha)


What inspires you?

My clients inspire me. Often they come with injuries or lacking strength in certain areas, I love seeing their dedication and commitment (even when I’m really mean and torturous) and how they improve and find themselves doing things that they could have never done or thought they could do when they started out!



About the B Balanced Pilates studio

This tranquil, fully equipped studio is situated in the world-class BUC Fitness Club, located on the 3rd floor of The Point Shopping Centre.

They offer one-on-one sessions, duos and group equipment (reformer) classes. With BASI® qualified instructors, your sessions will be tailor made for your specific requirements and abilities.





The reality of Exercise – Know when to have an off day

The reality of exercise is that you don’t make progress when you work out – you actually make progress when you recover from the workout. Whilst we all love the endorphin rush after a good workout and can’t wait for the next session, it’s important to note that our rest days are as significant, if not the most significant days of our exercise programme.

Exercise is a stimulus, recovery is the physical response

The simple explanation is that your workout is the stimulus and your off day or recovery day is bringing about the physical response. Exercise creates a physical stimulus for the body to get better at whatever challenge we present to it, be it running, cycling or a brisk walk.

This stimulus occurs when there is blood flow which is what happens when we exert ourselves. The circulation of blood brings nutrients to the tissues, and nutrients provide the material to facilitate the improvement. The circulation is enhanced by movement and so the cycle continues.

However, one cannot continually stimulate the circulation without giving the body a chance to recover, build muscle and become stronger.

What is a rest day and why do we need it?

Whilst some people may interpret a rest day as a day on the couch, one should still move – but without the challenge of an intense workout. Each day of the week should contain decent amounts of moderate movement, interspersed with days of challenging workouts – as with most things, a balance needs to be achieved.

Tobias Basson, General Manager at Concept Studio, a simulated high altitude cycling studio at The Point Mall, suggests a focus on “nutrition, mobility, meditation and relaxation techniques to assist the body in recovering post-exercise and to promote optimal performance during the next training session.

He reiterated that there are many recovery day options such as stretching, massage, contrast baths, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, compression garments, yoga, meditation, nutrition, hydration and of course, enough sleep.

How much recovery is enough?

Although this depends on each individual’s physical ability, sleep and dietary habits, and lifestyle activity, it’s basically when the soreness is gone from the muscle.

After a workout session one should feel the muscles have worked but the pain should not be debilitating. If the muscles are extremely sore and take five or more days to recover, your workouts are too strenuous. This is why it is important to train just above, but not too far above, one’s current abilities.

A rule of thumb is that a challenging workout should require only one to two recovery days.

The Point Mall offers a complete range of health and wellness facilities:

Concept Studio – an indoor altitude training gym for athletes at all fitness levels.

BUC – offering specialized equipment for losing weight, building muscle, increasing stamina or simply to keep fit.