The second People of the Point for 2018 features Cayli Varejes, the unique and crazy soul that created Owl and The Wolf. This vivacious and caring young woman is not only looking for like-minded people to visit her beautiful new studio but also welcomes those who are a little lost and in need of some help to find their way again.



She wants to teach the weak to be strong, the strong to have patience and respect for the weak and that in this world, we can be both kind and bold.  Let’s learn more about this dynamic purple (and pink) haired dynamo here…


Why Yoga?

Yoga changed my life, it enabled me to truly understand myself and connect body, mind and soul. I am stronger in all aspects because of it.


Why Owl and The Wolf?

I wanted to create a space based on the ying and yang elements. The owl represents patience and wisdom where the wolf represents strength and instinct. I wanted a space for all types to call home and feel safe.



What is your favourite part of your job?

Absolutely everything! I love helping people heal and find their truth in this universe.



What is the thing you take most pride in?

I take the most pride in the unity of our space. We are all one big family and only want to grow with everyone who joins us.



What is your biggest regret?

I have no regrets in life. Everything has been an incredible lesson and I wouldn’t be where I am today without learning from my mistakes.


What is your favourite hobby/ thing to do and why?

I am a chef and a musician and spend most of my free time creating new music or cooking for family and friends.


What is the coolest/ scariest/ craziest thing you have ever done?

I backpacked around the world for a year and it was the most incredible and terrifying experience all in one. Even though I was alone and truly had to find strength in my independence, I was lucky enough to see so much of the world and learn from many different cultures.



Would you rather always be 10 minutes late or always be 20 minutes early?

I would rather be 20 min early but unfortunately, I usually arrive 10min late…fashionably late obviously!


Would you rather live your entire life in a virtual reality where all your wishes are granted or in the real world?

I would only want to be in the real world. We learn nothing if everything is too easy. We wouldn’t appreciate the light if there wasn’t any darkness.


Would you rather never use social media sites/apps again or never watch another movie or TV show?

I would much rather get rid of all social media. Nothing better than snuggling up to a good movie.


Would you rather be able to teleport anywhere or be able to read minds?

Teleport!!! I love to travel and have family all over the world. It would make popping over to see them incredible!!


Then lastly, would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with five million dollars inside?

I have already found my true love, so let’s take that five million dollars and feed as many people as we can!


Contact details:

Owl and The Wolf

Tel: +27 61 035 38303
Address: 2nd Floor BUC Gym, 3rd Floor, The Point Mall, 76 Regent Rd, Sea Point

MOVEMBER: What it is and how to get involved



It started in 2003 with a group of 30 lads in Melbourne who decided to grow moustaches for a bit of a giggle.

The next year 450 men took part and they raised around R452 567.50 for prostate cancer research.

The trend quickly grew into a global phenomenon and is now a major annual event.

Now around five million people – dubbed Mo Bros and Mo Sistas – take part in at least 21 countries.

The Movember Foundation charity raises awareness and vital funds for the biggest issues in men’s health: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.

Every year 10,000 men die of prostate cancer – one an hour – and suicide is the biggest cause of death in men under 50.

The charity says men are facing a health crisis that isn’t talked about, and by 2030 aims to cut the number of men dying prematurely by a quarter.





























The first thing you need to do is register.

Once signed up, you can decide whether you’re working alone, or whether you want to team up or join another “pack”.

There are also events to join such as fun runs, push up challenges or soccer tournaments.

You could even host your own party for you and your mates to compare facial growth.























Every participant starts with a clean shave on October 31 – with a “before” photo to prove it.

Mo Bros then spend the next 30 days growing and grooming their upper lip hair. You get extra kudos for unusual styles or recreating the look of a famous tache wearer.

If you’re being strict, no beards are allowed. That means you cannot join your moustache to sideburns, or join chin hair to handlebars.

However, the organisers want as many people as possible to get involved, so people who already have a beard are encouraged to sacrifice it to make way for a Mo at the start of the month.

On November 30, take a photo of your effort and share it with friends, colleagues and anyone you begged to sponsor you.

One of the great things about Movember is the sense of community. Even if you don’t know anyone who is doing it, you can join in the events and parties and connect with tache growers across the world through the Movember app.

Girls can get involved too by donning false moustaches at the parties and fun runs.






















For further information, kindly visit



One in eight women will possibly develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Of these women, some will be unfortunate enough to have a recurrence of cancer.













All forms of breast cancer treatment is an emotional roller coaster ride which can be so easily avoided by creating an early detection plan

Be Vigilant – act on pain or lumps in the breast. Early detection with routine mammograms will improve the survival rate of 5 years by 100%. Trials have shown that there has been a 33% decrease in death from breast cancer in women of 40 plus who go for regular screening mammograms or annual check-ups.

Remember, Routine mammograms are a MUST. Cells change throughout one’s life, therefore, relying on one’s mammogram as ‘clear’ is short-sighted and this could be detrimental to your health. 2D mammograms are the regular standard procedures. Simply put it means that the breast image is obtained from top to bottom or from side to side.

















However, there have been advances in breast imaging and early detection of breast cancer has been improved by 40% by Tomosynthesis or 3D Digital Breast Imaging (DGB) This is fast becoming the gold standard for imaging breast tissue. For women with dense tissue breast, this form of imaging has undoubtedly improved the peace of mind for both radiologist and patient.












Tomosynthesis or 3D technology is performed on the standard mammogram machine allowing for a layered or sliced breast tissue acquisition of images.  The Radiologist is then able to view these layers one by one. Not only does this improve the overall result, it also allows for overlaying tissue folds to be fully visualised.

Advantages of Tomosynthesis include:

  • The technology is more sensitive with detection of breast cancer
  • Fewer recalls for patients, especially regarding further biopsies.
  • Potential less compressing or ‘squashing’ of the breast thereby reducing the discomfort associated with having a mammogram.

The breast is placed between the x-ray detector and plastic paddle, purely to prevent movement. This is an advantage as often women are less inclined to repeat their mammograms due to a painful prior experience.

Despite what some people think, Mammograms are perfectly safe. We are exposed to daily background radiation in our environments all the time. A mammogram is equal to approximately two months of this same background radiation.

Mammography remains the main examination. At BRP Breast ultrasound is routinely done with your mammogram. Tomosynthesis may be done if required thereby minimising risk and assisting in the preventative process in women.

Be vigilant, Do not become a statistic. Your life is in your hands so schedule your appointment for your mammogram today

For more information please visit our website at or Facebook page. Here we include regular updates on Women’s health.


*Editorial information supplied by Berman, Ross & Partners Radiologists


Contact Details:

Bergman, Ross & Partners (BR&P)

Tel: +27 21 110 5777
Address: Suite 306, 3rd Floor, The Point, Sea Point







The fifth person to be featured in our People of the Point segment is the vivacious, caring and creative, Jessica Hahn.


Passionate about fitness and helping her clients be the absolute best version of themselves, Jessica is definitely someone you want on your side. Just don’t talk to her before she’s had a cup of coffee, she might just squish you like a “Pug“!


Here are a few things Jess would like you to know about her.



















Why Pilates and not something else like personal training?

Pilates bases its workouts on the “powerhouse”. The core (or abdominals) are part of the powerhouse but it also includes the lower back, pelvic floor, muscle around the hips as well as the glutes. The powerhouse muscles work together to make a corset of support for the trunk and make the body work more efficiently and effectively Joseph Pilates emphasised this area in his exercise program which we now know as Pilates. Pilates and personal training both have their benefits in different ways. Pilates is really for everyone at any level of fitness and is also suitable for those with injuries or who are pregnant.


What are your other passions/ hobbies?

I love dogs (pugs in particular!) doing SWEAT 1000 classes and walking on the prom. And I JUST LOVE COFFEE. Joe at The BUC juice bar makes the BEST coffee!























What is your favourite splurge item for yourself?

Sneakers, sneakers and sneakers!!


Tell us something interesting about yourself? 

I moved to Cape Town from Joburg 4 years ago.


What is your favourite spot to eat in Sea Point?

Sheckters RAW – matcha or pumpkin flapjacks all the way!!


Favourite TV Show and why?

Game of Thrones (do I need to give a why?? hahaha)


What inspires you?

My clients inspire me. Often they come with injuries or lacking strength in certain areas, I love seeing their dedication and commitment (even when I’m really mean and torturous) and how they improve and find themselves doing things that they could have never done or thought they could do when they started out!



About the B Balanced Pilates studio

This tranquil, fully equipped studio is situated in the world-class BUC Fitness Club, located on the 3rd floor of The Point Shopping Centre.

They offer one-on-one sessions, duos and group equipment (reformer) classes. With BASI® qualified instructors, your sessions will be tailor made for your specific requirements and abilities.