Foraging in Cape Town with Veld and Sea


Foraging seems to be the new “it” word on the street. At its most basic level, it’s the act of finding and harvesting wild foods.


With so much to discover, we turned to the local experts on the subject to learn more and get involved.

Veld and Sea are connoisseurs in the art of foraging with expert guides ready to take you into the wilderness to explore. Their belief: “On land, at sea, in forests and mountains, there is food all around us, we just have to open up our senses and reconnect.”


Foraging courses assist us in this discovery of wild edible food while preserving the environment around us. Veld and Sea offer classes, workshops and educational school tours, as well as teambuilding, tour groups and wild flavour consultations, to name a few.

This dynamic group of guides are changing the mindsets of Capetonians by educating them on what is on offer in the forest, at sea and in the mountains. How fantastic to think that we have all this at our fingertips if we only knew how to access it?




Here are some of the courses on offer this year:




The mushroom variety is extensive but with many not being edible, we don’t recommend trying this at home. Mushroom foraging takes place over a small window period in late autumn and again in late winter, but rainfall and weather conditions play a huge role in the availability of mushroom abundance.


Date: Saturday 27 of May 2018

Cost: 450 per person, refreshments, notes and recipes included

Guide: Justin Williams





We all know and love the fynbos that surrounds our beautiful country but what do we know about it and how to use it? Whether you are an avid gardener, foodie or you are looking for a unique and delicious food experience, this is the course for you. Young to old, novice to expert, experience a Saturday with like-minded individuals at this beautiful venue.


Date: Saturday 24th of June 2018

Cost: 350 for children R650 for adults includes introductory half-day forage and feasting experience

Guides: Roushanna and Gael Gray





This standard course is available in the summer, usually November through to March. Mainly for adults although children are welcome, the course showcases our local edible seaweed, rock pool foraging and how to harvest and prepare your macro-algae and shellfish to name a few. It’s a great source of creativity for chefs looking to broaden their repertoire.


Cost: R650 p/person. Children under 17yrs R350, Children under 2yrs free.

This half day course includes wild food snacks and drinks, a delicious three-course lunch based on ingredients foraged and prepared by the group.

Notes include intro, identification, recipes and tide charts.


BONUS: Collect seaweed to take home and preserve in methods learned on the day

Please view dates HERE



For those who have foraged before and are looking for ways to implement what you’ve learnt, Veld and Sea offer classes in cooking with wild flavours as well as how to use them in your beauty routine.




In this amazing class, you will be introduced to a range of seasonal indigenous edible plants, flowers herbs, fruit and how to use them in your daily cooking.

Sip on botanical cocktails or herbal teas as you cook and learn how to incorporate foraged and harvested ingredients. And the best part, enjoy your delicious creations with like-minded people!


Date: Saturday 27th of April 2018 and Saturday the 26th of May 

Cost: R600 pp includes recipes, notes, a flower crown and a selection of wild herbs to take home.

Guides/Teachers: Roushanna Gray and wild chef Gemma Hannock





If you prefer a more natural approach to skincare and beauty products or if you are looking to learn more about beauty and skincare in its most basic and essential form, then look no further.

Create your own products while foraging and discover what edible plants can also feed your body and skin. This course also touches on medicinal plants as well as how to source and use them.


Date: Sunday 20 May 2018

Cost: R650 pp including natural healing beauty recipe manual, samples of body care products created by Tasmin, 2 products for you will create, botanical drinks and refreshments served throughout the event plus a vibrant light lunch,




To book a private foraging experience or event you can email or


Events are seasonal, and costs run as follows:


R2200pp OR R4000 per couple OR R1800pp for a group of 3–9 people R1800.

Includes recipes and notes, welcome drink and snack, light lunch/picnic.


For a chance to reconnect with nature and its bountiful oceans and forests, we highly recommend trying one of the foraging expeditions or workshops. Here’s to exploring and discovering all of mother nature’s amazing treasures.


The Point Team x


All information and imagery gathered from and @veldandsea on Instagram.