Nick Nel, otherwise known as Nickster, is the friendly face you see and boisterous voice you hear in the office tower lifts daily. We got to know him a little better this month as he shared his passion for motorcycles and tattoos.

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Who do you work for and how long you have been working in the Centre.?

I’m a Digital Marketing Manager for Roobix on the 7th Floor and I’ve been working in the point for nearly 3 years now

Tell us about your job and how you started in the industry.

I’m involved in the Digital Marketing Space. I currently oversee a team of digital account Managers and digital specialists who look after clients based in Perth and Sydney in Australia.

I was heavily involved in sales and training in the traditional sense but realized the world of business was moving rapidly towards a digital environment, and that companies who did not transition into that space or learn to adapt from their old traditional marketing and advertising activities would be left dead in the water. It seemed like a very exciting space to be involved in and that’s what got me hooked!

What is your favourite part of the work you do?

Definitely, the people I work with and the unpredictable and ever-changing nature of the industry.

What are your hobbies?

Playing the guitar, riding motorcycles, being tattooed, listening to or watching live music.

Do you travel a lot?

 Where did you travel to last (for work and for pleasure)? I have been fortunate to travel allot. The last trip was over to Honk Kong and was definitely for pleasure.

If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be?


Do you have any tattoos, which are your favourites?

Yes, I have many and they all hold a special place on my skin!

Describe your ultimate Sunday.

An early morning Bike cruise with friends and then home to the family for a day out together ( does not matter what we are doing ) ending with a good movie on the sofa.

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Born, raised and schooled in Cape Town with one of his practices now in our centre, Mark Tonkil is this month’s People OF The Point.

Find out where his passion for optometry comes from and what he prefers to do when it isn’t helping people to correct their vision.

Why did you decide to become an Optometrist?
From the time I was probably 10 years old, I would spend school holidays at my father’s optometric practice in Parow.

Where were you before you came to The Point?
I have been and still, am in practice with my father in Parow on Voortrekker Road.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?
I love giving sight – especially to those that have struggled with their vision previously.

What advice do you have for people aspiring to do Optometry?
Today Optometry is not only about clinical practice and vision.  One needs to aspire to fashion, business and the love of people.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In Cape Town, with my family, practising optometry and loving what I do.

What are your hobbies?
Spending time with family and friends, mountain biking, boxing and optometry

Tell us about your family
I have been married to Bronwen for 18 years and she works with me in the Sea Point practice.  We have three awesome kids, Zara, Mia and Alexander.

Where do you enjoy spending your downtime?
Love unwinding with my family at home and having a braai.

Have you travelled?
I have travelled for both business and pleasure including, Europe, North and South America, Singapore and Thailand.

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People Of The Point: Gareth Glassman

The last People of the Point for 2018 features Gareth Glassman from Cellucity.


Gareth has been in the cellular industry since 2009 where he started in sales, he was promoted to Data Specialist and is now, Branch Manager. He has worked in Century City, the Waterfront and currently manages the Sea Point branch in The Point.

Read more about what inspires him and why he loves his job.


What does your role entail?

I manage Cellucity The Point. I have a team of eight staff, and I am in charge of Cellucity Information and Senior Fibre Sales.


What is the best part of what you do at work?

The best part would be educating my team members and helping them get better at what they do to reach their full potential, regardless of circumstance. Having clients walk out of the store extremely happy with the service or advice they received is a goal of mine.

What is your hobby?

Going to the gym to train. I believe a healthy body equals a healthy mind, and in our industry, a healthy mind goes a long way.


Are you travelling anywhere for the festive season? Do you have anything exciting planned?

I won’t be travelling this festive season. Holidays are all about family, so being home with everyone is exciting for me.


What is your passion?

Helping people, whether it’s helping clients who have issues with their cellphones, or helping a team member reach a goal. In a world where everyone looks out for themselves, I like being the person who looks out for others.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I like to collect watches; I currently have more than 30 pieces in my collection.


Who is the person that inspires you?

I am inspired by people who take risks to reach their goals regardless of their circumstances.


What is your favourite Christmas meal?

It would have to be chicken and roast potatoes; I could eat it daily!


Last question, what is on your wish list for Christmas this year?

A new tattoo is definitely on my wish list this year.


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Meet this months People of the Point, Gerhard Erasmus. He has been part of Edit Microsystems for 6 ½ years and  introduces blind people and people with low vision to technology and assistive devices to aid them with everyday life. He is also blind and makes extensive use of their technology. In South Africa, only 3% of blind people are employed and he is one of them.





What is your favourite part of your job?

I enjoy the training and support component most.  It is very rewarding to know that unnecessary hurdles are removed by technology and services that is on offer.  Having the opportunity to share my knowledge and the uniqueness of these devices with other blind and low vision persons all over Africa is a privilege.


Tell us something interesting about yourself

I attended Pioneer School for the Blind in Worcester.  With the use of technology and the skills I acquired I was able to attend Tygerberg High School from the age of 16. I graduated from this mainstream school in 1999.  Technology and assistive devices opened doors and introduced me to new opportunities.  Today I use various cutting-edge solutions, including a Braille tablet and screen reading software to access online information sources.  I read and write e-mails; surf the web and can perform most tasks my peers are able to perform on a computer.

I also make use of public transport between Durbanville and Sea Point.  I am one of the first people to arrive at work and pride myself to always know of the latest developments.


What is your favourite hobby/ thing to do and why?

I love playing my guitar.  I might not be good, but I do find it very relaxing.  My wife is also teaching me how to bake.  I enjoy the time we spend together in the kitchen; learning a new skill.


What is the coolest/ scariest/ craziest thing you have ever done?

Put money in Bitcoin.


Would you rather always be 10 minutes late or always be 20 minutes early?

I would prefer to be 20 minutes early and therefore start my journeys early too.  I hate being rushed.  Very few things in life are as important as they might seem.  There is no reason to rush.


Would you rather be able to teleport anywhere or be able to read minds?

Well, since I’m blind, I’d have to vote for teleportation since self-driving cars aren’t developing fast enough!  Mind reading would come in handy when I try to sell a product to a client.  It will be good to know if I’m wasting somebody’s time when I am busy with a sales call.


Four Favourites:

Favourite food?

Pizza, I’m not a wood-fire snob and therefore love all pizzas.  I would eat it every day if I could.


Favourite movie/ TV show?

TV Show:  Scrubs.  It is the greatest television depiction of friendship of all time.

Movie:  Casino or anything about the Mob.  Casino’s only crime was that it was released after Goodfellas.


Favourite place to visit/ go on holiday?

Anywhere where my wife is.


Favourite flower?

Tulips.  I like the shape and the texture of the leaves.


That’s all from Gerhard, have a great Movember and remember to enter this months competition, we would love to see your moustaches!

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