Find your balance

When our movements are uncoordinated, our bodies constantly expend energy to compensate for generally, unconscious instability.

Balancing postures develop and enhance the functioning of the Cerebellum; the brain center regulating motor movements and proprioception.

When we ‘fire up’ this portion of the brain the electrical currents also enliven surrounding intelligent centers of the brain. The Cerebellum does contain almost half of the brain’s neurons, specialized cells that transmit information via electrical currents, and as such just imagine the benefits of waking this part of our brain up.

Increased awareness of muscle coordination needed for balancing postures enhances functional movement and improves posture.

Join AWAKE Yoga Studio for classes that focus on simple and effective techniques that improve balance and wellbeing. The intention of this studio is for yoga to be relatable and accessible to everyone.

Contact Jeannie Holmes on +27 079 691 1321 for further booking information.

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Online Shopping’s Huge, and it’s Not Going Anywhere

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve made at least one or two online purchases in the last year. Big or small, pick-up or delivery, those purchases added to the R45+ billion spent on online shopping alone in South Africa in 2018. This is up almost 20% in 2017 and its forecast to grow even more over the coming years. The reason, convenience. In almost all cases it’s faster and easier to shop online, and often it’s cheaper as well!

In light of this boom, it’s no surprise that many brick and mortar stores have joined the fray. Some have launched fully-fledged e-commerce offerings, others have established an online presence but balance retail with their physical shops.

The Point’s Online Offering

As a wellness and lifestyle destination, The Point has a broad offering across its tenants and between them, they offer a variety of e-commerce options and solutions. We broke them down according to the three most popular categories among South African online shoppers; clothing and apparel, entertainment and education, and event tickets.

Clothing & Apparel

Between Sportmans Warehouse and Pick n Pay Clothing there’s little in the way of clothing and apparel you can’t find. Both have extensive online catalogues and Sportmans Warehouse offers online shopping with delivery or in-store collection.

Entertainment & Education

If you need a bit of entertainment, are looking for a break, or simply just want a change of scenery Bootlegger, Knead Bakery, and NV-80 are all superb options. Each has its full menu online and you make reservations if necessary.

Entertaining at home? Look no further that Checkers and Checkers LiquorShop. You can view their full product offerings online and with Checkers’ Click & Collect service you can reserve food platters and fruit baskets, as well as your choice of drinks, which you can collect in-store the next day.

Event Tickets

At Checkers’ Money Market you can collect any Computicket events tickets. Simply browse and purchase online, and collect at your convenience.

Although it’s useful grouping these by category, many of The Point’s tenants fall outside of these. Yemenya Spa & Hair and Sorbet Sea Point both have excellent online offerings which include products, vouchers, and bookings. Similarly Banks Kitchen Boutique has an impressive variety of products available for online purchase.

Next time you’re browsing around online looking for something to buy, don’t forget to head to The Point. You might just find exactly what you’re looking for!

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When we heard about AWAKE Yoga Studio joining The Point family we knew we had to feature the woman behind it all. Jeannie Holmes is a wife, mother and Yogi of note! To find out more about how her yoga journey started and what is on offer at Awake, keep reading.

Jeannie, you’ve recently opened AWAKE Yoga Studio, a new yoga studio on the 3rd Floor of The Point centre, and I’ve seen the floor-to-ceiling sea views: jaw-dropping!

Apart from the views, what makes AWAKE any different from any other yoga offering in Sea Point?

The intention of this studio is for yoga to be relatable and accessible. All levels, all ages, all walks of life are welcomed. There are classes for kids; for people who enjoy physical challenges; for people who prefer restorative yoga; for people who enjoy spiritual upliftment; for people who need deep relaxation. Whatever the class, the focus is on intelligent sequencing, detailed alignment, core activation, breathing techniques and meditation. The purpose throughout is to promote physical and mental well-being.

Speaking about well-being, I read somewhere that your approach is based on something called yoga therapy. What is that?

Yoga is a means of harmonizing our various systems (digestive; nervous; respiratory, endocrine; lymphatic; circulatory; muscular; etc) as well as our mind; vitality; and intellectual and emotional states, in order to elevate wellbeing and awareness and to release dormant energy and uncover latent potential.

Yoga therapy does all of this, but takes an individualized approach, ‘prescribing’ personalized yoga programmes to attain the state of equilibrium and optimal health. Various time-proved methods (postures; breathing techniques; meditation; conscious relaxation, etc.) are recommended and taught to stimulate; regulate and harmonise body, mind and spirit.

Sounds like something we all need! But what drew you to yoga in the first place?

I have always been drawn to experiences and learning that dawn new perspectives. Free-flying, a discipline of skydiving, taught me how our perceptions of time/space are truly relative and that in just 30 seconds one can experience an entire journey with wondrous epiphanies. It was at the drop zone that I first discovered yoga, as in order to hold the vertical positions and transitions yoga was needed for coordination, balance, strength, focus, steadiness and ease. I have also always been fascinated by our potential to self-heal.

In 2007 I attended the university Yoga Vidya Gurukul in India to study yoga in the hope of discovering how to also heal a particular digestive ailment that I’d struggled with for many years. I found the answer to that, and so much more. That 250hr yoga teacher training course, under the guidance of Dr Vishwas Mandlik who taught how a plethora of illnesses, disorders and ailments can be eased or alleviated altogether through yogic practices, led me to return to India some years later to study and obtain a 250hr Diploma in Yoga Therapy in 2017.

So what else has been necessary then to reach this point in your career and yoga journey?

In between my two study trips to India, I also attended the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training at The Shala, along with a mentorship program with renowned yoga teacher Tamsin Sheehy, and an Anatomy and Physiology course with Jim Harrington right back here in South Africa. I have practised and taught yoga for many years, and also volunteered at various organisations.

With the help of FOSCHA, 2017, I started a support programme for the caregivers and doctors at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, offering weekly therapeutic yoga lessons.  I now also find myself so grateful and inspired to teach daily at the most magnificent studio in Cape Town, thanks to Andrew and Paul Rothschild owners of BUC Fitness Club, 3rd floor of The Point.

Any special events or upcoming workshops at AWAKE! That we should know about?

There is a Yoga Therapy Workshop on Saturday 30 March 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM, and AWAKE is now offering a Parent and Kid Combo class on the first Sunday of every month 10 AM – 11 AM. Please check out the website for further details as well as to see the weekly schedule, book a class and come trial a free class. You don’t need to bring anything as the studio has the very best mats, props and for extra inspiration, sweeping sea views.

Book by calling AWAKE Yoga Studio on +27 79 691 1321.

If you enjoyed this People Of The Point, keep an eye out for next months edition!

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People Of The Point: Gareth Glassman

The last People of the Point for 2018 features Gareth Glassman from Cellucity.


Gareth has been in the cellular industry since 2009 where he started in sales, he was promoted to Data Specialist and is now, Branch Manager. He has worked in Century City, the Waterfront and currently manages the Sea Point branch in The Point.

Read more about what inspires him and why he loves his job.


What does your role entail?

I manage Cellucity The Point. I have a team of eight staff, and I am in charge of Cellucity Information and Senior Fibre Sales.


What is the best part of what you do at work?

The best part would be educating my team members and helping them get better at what they do to reach their full potential, regardless of circumstance. Having clients walk out of the store extremely happy with the service or advice they received is a goal of mine.

What is your hobby?

Going to the gym to train. I believe a healthy body equals a healthy mind, and in our industry, a healthy mind goes a long way.


Are you travelling anywhere for the festive season? Do you have anything exciting planned?

I won’t be travelling this festive season. Holidays are all about family, so being home with everyone is exciting for me.


What is your passion?

Helping people, whether it’s helping clients who have issues with their cellphones, or helping a team member reach a goal. In a world where everyone looks out for themselves, I like being the person who looks out for others.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I like to collect watches; I currently have more than 30 pieces in my collection.


Who is the person that inspires you?

I am inspired by people who take risks to reach their goals regardless of their circumstances.


What is your favourite Christmas meal?

It would have to be chicken and roast potatoes; I could eat it daily!


Last question, what is on your wish list for Christmas this year?

A new tattoo is definitely on my wish list this year.


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Gareth as much as we did.


If you want to see someone specific as our next People Of The Point click here to nominate them.


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