Mothers Day at The Point

Treating mom doesn’t have to be tricky, spoiling her should be easy and fun. If you find yourself struggling to decide what to get her this Mothers Day, have a look at what is on offer at The Point.

Health & Wellness

For the mom who loves the gym and keeping her body in optimal condition, we recommend a BUC membership. Variety is key and with options like ImpulseFit sessions, SWEAT 1000 classes or yoga sessions from AWAKE and WILDTHING are always a great idea.

If you can’t decide on a class or membership then why not get mom some new workout gear. Sports equipment and fitness gadgets are great options too, help mom keep fit and fabulous wherever she is.

Technology & Gadgets

Tech-savvy moms would really appreciate a new phone or tablet although not the cheapest of gifts there are a variety of contract options. If mom already has a great phone or tablet add a new cover or case to your gifting as an upgrade.

Fashion & Lifestyle

We love that clothing and accessories are so flexible, with endless options to suit even the pickiest moms. With winter fast approaching The Point has a large selection of winter warmers to keep things extra cosy this season. From beanies to sock and boots we have you covered!

If it’s something extra special you are looking for, jewellery lasts a lifetime and can be engraved with a special message to create the perfect gift.

For the mom who is a traveller by heart, book a holiday or cruise. If mom already has a trip in mind, add to it with a travel voucher.

Breakaways don’t have to break the bank, they could be as simple and affordable as booking tickets to an event or show.

Homeware and kitchenware also make great gifts, especially for a mom who loves being in the kitchen. Whether she is experimenting with new recipes or cooking well-loved family favourites. With so many gadgets and handy items on offer, you will be spoilt for choice.

Beauty and Self-care

Skincare and makeup are usually very personal, why not treat her to her favourite product or skincare item? With most moms putting themselves last you might find that a facemask or new mascara is the last thing mom would by herself, even although she deserves it.

The same goes for hair care and body items, sometimes a new product is just the kind of lift me up that will put a spring back in her step. If mom loves a treat then spoil her to a blow-dry with a head massage or a hair treatment to help her luscious locks.

While we are treating mom to a feel-good hair appointment, why not book a mani or pedi to complete a mini makeover? If mom prefers to do her own nails you could add to her polish collection or and at home treatment from Sorbet.

The same goes for hair care and body items, sometimes a new product is just the kind of lift me up that will put a spring back in her step. If mom loves a treat then spoil her to a blow-dry with a head massage or a hair treatment to help her luscious locks.

While we are treating mom to a feel-good hair appointment, why not book a mani or pedi to complete a mini makeover? If mom prefers to do her own nails you could add to her polish collection or and at home treatment from Sorbet.

Food & Drink

Taking mom out for something to eat or grabbing a take away on the way to a beach day never gets old and with the likes of Poké Co, Bootlegger, Knead and NV-80 Bar & Grill you are bound to find something delicious!

Make it more special with a meal at home and a wine pairing or pop up Gin bar for a memorable Mothers Day.

Add Ons

If you already have the perfect gift and you are looking for a simple add on to make it complete, try a fragrance or candles. Nothing beats a beautiful bunch of flowers and chocolates either.

With all this and more on offer at The Point, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your mom.

Wishing all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day.

Until next time,
The Point Team x

Surviving the Summer Without Breaking the Bank

It happens every year, for 11 long months you work away quietly, taking the odd break here and there to maintain your sanity, in the hope that it’ll all pay off in the end, and it almost always does.

December finally rolls around, and you indulge. You buy gifts, spoil yourself and your friends, take a trip, and generally embrace the spirit of the festive season.  But, in the back of your mind you know it’s coming, marching along slowly with nothing in its way to stop it; January. And along with it the cost of all those good times.

We’ve put together a survival guide of sorts to help see you through to the end of the month without emptying your savings account.

One of the biggest expenses that we all have to carry is transport. From home to work, to the shops, to school, and wherever else it’s unavoidable. But there is a way to cut down; make fewer trips.

The easiest ways to do that is to do all your shopping in one spot. Better yet, do all your shopping, exercise, and self-care in place – The Point Mall! Between the first two floors, you’ll find all your shopping needs satisfied, from groceries to electronics, and everything in between.

Head to the third floor for your wellness kick, where you’ll find fitness classes, yoga, Pilates, physiotherapy and several other options to choose from.

Now that you’re where you need to be, shop smart. The outlets at The Point want to help you as much as we do, you need to look in the right places.

Checkers is running a range of promotions over the season including excellent back to school specials that have kept over 100 products at 2018’s prices, and their weekend savings which give you R20 back for every R200 you spend – they’re putting money back into your pocket! Dischem is running supplement specials and a cosmetics sale until the middle of the month, and Sportsmans Warehouse is running their biggest sale of the year.

On the fitness front, get more for less at select studios. Wild Thing Yoga & Body Conditioning offer a week’s free classes as does Living Life Pilates.

Yemaya Spa & Hair has a range of specials to choose from and let’s not forget about Bootlegger’s coffee loyalty app, get one free coffee for every ten you buy.

Surviving January doesn’t have to be all that hard, you’ve just got to be smart, plan, and keep an eye open for those amazing deals!

Until next time,

The Point Team

People Of The Point: Gareth Glassman

The last People of the Point for 2018 features Gareth Glassman from Cellucity.


Gareth has been in the cellular industry since 2009 where he started in sales, he was promoted to Data Specialist and is now, Branch Manager. He has worked in Century City, the Waterfront and currently manages the Sea Point branch in The Point.

Read more about what inspires him and why he loves his job.


What does your role entail?

I manage Cellucity The Point. I have a team of eight staff, and I am in charge of Cellucity Information and Senior Fibre Sales.


What is the best part of what you do at work?

The best part would be educating my team members and helping them get better at what they do to reach their full potential, regardless of circumstance. Having clients walk out of the store extremely happy with the service or advice they received is a goal of mine.

What is your hobby?

Going to the gym to train. I believe a healthy body equals a healthy mind, and in our industry, a healthy mind goes a long way.


Are you travelling anywhere for the festive season? Do you have anything exciting planned?

I won’t be travelling this festive season. Holidays are all about family, so being home with everyone is exciting for me.


What is your passion?

Helping people, whether it’s helping clients who have issues with their cellphones, or helping a team member reach a goal. In a world where everyone looks out for themselves, I like being the person who looks out for others.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I like to collect watches; I currently have more than 30 pieces in my collection.


Who is the person that inspires you?

I am inspired by people who take risks to reach their goals regardless of their circumstances.


What is your favourite Christmas meal?

It would have to be chicken and roast potatoes; I could eat it daily!


Last question, what is on your wish list for Christmas this year?

A new tattoo is definitely on my wish list this year.


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Gareth as much as we did.


If you want to see someone specific as our next People Of The Point click here to nominate them.


Until next time,

The Point Team




This go-getting entrepreneur founded an experiential marketing and events agency in 2008, thus fulfilling a dream to start her own business.

In the past decade, she has launched both new products and brands for one of the leading cosmetics, skincare and fragrance companies in the world, and her latest project – RAFAELA LEAH – is a continuation of her passion for excellence and innovation in all things luxurious.

After more than ten years in beauty PR and eventing, Carine is ready to unveil her sensational new undertaking, by launching her very own jewellery brand.

Tell us more about Rafaela Leah and how it started

I grew up in a jewellery environment with both parents having forged careers in this very exciting industry before I was born, so my love for the trade started at a very young age.  For over a decade, I actually ran my own corporate events business but in 2016 I decided to change my professional direction, and less than a year later I launched RAFAELA LEAH online jewellery store. Six months after that, we opened our first retail kiosk.



Rafaela Leah is named after your daughter and your jewellery is named after females who have inspired you, who are some of your favourite inspirations?

My children are my biggest inspiration and the driving force behind everything that I do! After them, I draw inspiration from the amazing women with whom I spend my time –  family members, friends as well as colleagues and other women in business.  Hence the reason I give them all praise in my business my naming jewellery after them!


You were in marketing and events why the change?

A personal event 2 years ago made me re-evaluate how, where and with whom I want to spend my time.  Whilst the events business is exciting and comes with many perks, it also means extensive travelling and time away from home and loved ones.


What was your thought/goal when starting Rafaela Leah?

I really want to provide women with stunning jewellery items that are of the highest calibre. RAFAELA LEAH is all about uncompromising quality, yet the range is also priced attractively. I want everyone to aspire to own a piece of RAFAELA LEAH jewellery, but still, ensure the brand remains affordable. It makes me incredibly excited to position this brand on the cutting edge of the South African jewellery industry.


Are there any exciting projects/ ranges launches/collaborations in the pipeline?

We are launching the MIKAEL NOAH men’s collection towards the end of August which I’m thrilled about – the South African market has been lacking in trendy men’s accessories and jewellery, which I’m planning to change – so watch this space!


What is the best part of being in your industry?

I love spending time at my kiosk and with my customers when I get the chance – getting to know them and what jewellery they like is key to building and maintaining a successful jewellery brand.


What inspires and empowers you about women?

Margaret Thatcher sums it up for me – I just love this quote from her “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman”.


How do you try to inspire and empower women?

By encouraging them to have a voice, be it in the workplace with their colleagues or at home with their families. Women need to shift the perceptions they have about themselves and the other women around them. We can wear the pretty lipstick and still go to battle! We shouldn’t have to make a choice between being feminine and balsy.


What is your wish for your daughter and future woman?

That she, and all of our daughters, will hopefully not have to spend so much of their valuable time and energy proving that they are as capable as their brothers!


Thank you, Carine, for being such a wonderful inspiration to all women, everywhere.


Till next month,

The Point Team x