6 Essentials for your Next Road Trip

Prepare properly for an enjoyable time on the road

Whether your road trip is 4 hours or 18 hours, there are a few essentials you should pack to guarantee a successful journey. Of course, what makes your road trip unforgettable is the people you are travelling with, these are just extras to ensure a smooth ride.

First aid kit

Accidents happen everywhere. Whether it’s a small cut, a graze or a burn, focusing on pain, and not being able to do anything about it is one of the worst feelings. This is bound to put a damper on your road trip. By packing in a basic first aid kit, you will be able to address injuries straight away, allowing you to make the most of your road trip.


Whatever side of the spectrum you’re on – heathy or junk food – there is no denying the satisfying feeling of eating a good snack. Stock up on your favourite treats to enjoy throughout the drive. Nuts and fruit are always a winner, and so are chocolates and popcorn. Avoid snacks that are ‘messy’ or requires a lot of effort like cheese on crackers and guacamole dip. As tempting as it is, don’t eat all your snacks within the first 2 hours of your trip. Make them last because if you get bored later on, you can always eat!

Wet wipes & a plastic packet

Things can get messy on a trip. As mentioned above, it’s best to avoid foods that will cause more dirt than anything else. A plastic packet will always come in handy to ensure a neat car and comfortable drive. Throw all wrappers, tissues, notepaper or anything you’re not going to use again, into the plastic bag and then dispose of it in a rubbish when you make your next stop. Sticky fingers or a stained dashboard is never a good look. Wet wipes always come in handy to clean up unnecessary mess.

Pillow & blanket

For long journeys, it is imperative that you bring a travel pillow along as well as a little blanket. For obvious reasons, the pillow will just make your powernap that much more comfortable. If you’re someone who gets cold often, don’t let a sombre mood fill the car when a fight erupts over the car temperature. If the air is too cool, simply cuddle up under your blanket and enjoy a relaxing ride.


Now, chances are, not every rider will agree on the same music. Try using a schedule, so everyone will have his or her turn at choosing music. Or, if it’s a dictatorship and the drivers gets to choose, there’s nothing wrong with brining your iPod along, and enjoying your own tunes privately. Suggestion: Listen with only one earphone in – no one likes an antisocial road trip mate.


Long road trips are not for the fainthearted, especially if it’s the first time you’re driving. It is always recommended that you take a map, a GPS or a phone that has mapping capabilities to ensure that you are going the correct way. Imagine getting lost in the dark, petrol is about to run out and the phone batteries are dying. That is not a great scenario! Avoid it with effective route preparation.

Rather be prepared than sorry. Summer road trips are made to be fun and relaxing, so pack these six essential items to guarantee an exciting, stress-free journey.

All these essentials can be purchased from your local convenience stores located in The Point Mall.

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