7 Best winter comfort foods

Winter comes with plenty of blues but one positive thing about the colder months is the hearty, warm meals. There is nothing like indulging in hot chocolate while enjoying a warm apple pie by the fire. That sounds like a picture perfect evening during winter. It is the best time to curl up underneath some blankets and warm up your soul with delicious food.

We’ve put together a list of well-known comfort foods to prepare you for the cold months ahead. Whether you’ll make these yourself or enjoy them at a restaurant, one thing is for sure, your tummy will thank you for it.

1. Soup

One of the first foods we look forward to in winter is a nice warm, creamy soup. Whether you prefer chicken, veggie or minestrone, there is no denying the satisfying feeling of smelling fresh soup on the stove. Coupled with fresh bread, soup is guaranteed to lift your winter spirits.

2. Curries

You don’t have to enjoy spicy food to love curry. There are mild varieties available at restaurants, and if you’re making it yourself you can adjust how much masala you include. You can choose from a variety of options, lamb being one of the most popular across Cape Town. Make some Jasmine or Basmati rice to go along with it and you’re in for a flavoursome treat.

3. Casseroles/stews

Similar to curry, there is a wide variety of stews available to suit your palate. Plus, it’s the perfect combination between soup and curry, right? Another great thing about a casserole is that it’s perfect to take some leftovers for lunch the next day. Enjoy your warm meal while watching the rain outside your office window.

4. Pasta

*Collective sigh from the carb-haters*. A delicious tomato or alfredo based pasta does wonders for the soul, especially when the cold has got you down. Pasta sauce is enough to make you feel hearty let alone pasta in all its carb glory.

5. Pie

There is nothing quite like a homemade pot pie. Pastry that is the perfect combination between crust and soft is what tastebud dreams are made of. Whether you’re a pepper steak or chicken and mushroom lover, indulge in the delicious taste of a pie this winter season.

6. Lasagne

Lasagne is known around the world for its varied flavours. Who knew that mixing tomato purred mince, white sauce and cheese would become a poster child for hearty meals. One of the benefits of lasagne is that it’s great for feeding big families. One large serving dish can go a long way. Instead of pairing it with rice, why not try garlic rolls or a warm salad? Invite the family over and make a dinner party of it.

7. Pudding

Winter is the one season you can get away with eating foods that you would usually avoid. Chocolate fondant, malva pudding, bread pudding and warm custard are all guaranteed to make your mouth water. Save the ice cream and chocolate sauce for summer!

It’s the simple pleasures in life that bring us joy. While these foods may not seem like healthiest, it will certainly hit the spot and warm you up after the first bite.

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