All about altitude cycling

Exercising is something we all should be doing. It’s good for your health, it does wonders as a stress reliever, and it helps with weight loss. If any of these reasons appeal to you then it’s time to dust yourself off and get moving. If you’re already a gym buff or you enjoy being active, then why not try something new? The Point Mall has the perfect solution to change up your exercising routine – altitude cycling.

Concept Studio on the 3rd floor of the building is one of the only altitude cycling houses in Cape Town. With expert trainers at the helm, you can expect a full, exciting workout tailored to your requirements.

What makes this training different is the environment in which you exercise. You walk in to a regular looking studio, but the room’s oxygen can be altered to create an atmosphere where you feel as if you are cycling at up to 3000 metres above sea level.

Benefits of altitude cycling

Cycling in general puts less pressure on your joints without compromising the effectiveness of the workout. Since you’re training in a high altitude environment, your workout is even more beneficial.

The state-of-the-art equipment allows you to feel like you are riding on a real road. Compared to regular gym bikes, these are equipped with specialised functionalities to amp up your workout.

You will experience the benefits of a regular cardio workout, tenfold. Altitude cycling promotes fast results, which includes building stamina, defining muscle tone, losing weight and increasing your fitness level.

The movement of cycling compared to running is more fluent and natural, which means there is a faster recovery time. After a workout, you generally feel lethargic and your muscles are tired. With regular altitude cycling, that would slowly diminish.

If you’ve struggled with a slow metabolism in the past, this type of training will increase it due to the fast rate of fat burning, an increased heart rate and stronger muscles.

Concept Studio, the home of altitude cycling, also offers running training as well as weight training, both of which offer similar benefits to cycling. Makeover your exercising routine and try these methods. Changing it up once in a while is really beneficial for your mind and body.

Don’t waste any time – book your next training session with the experts at Concept Studio.

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