Cape Town Cycle Tour 2019 – From Start to Finish

By now, you’ve done all the prep work and this week will be reserved for the tying up the loose laces. At The Point Centre, we’re offering a range of products and services to make this year’s ride a little easier on you.

Taper Week

Whether you’re focused on pre-conditioning or post-recovery, a walk through our doors is necessary. As you gear-up for the race this coming Saturday, you’ll need to keep your muscles warm by doing some light training – now is not the time to sit back and ‘rest’ for your race. Nothing brings on stiff muscles more than a body that isn’t used to moving. Why not pump it up by attending one or two SWEAT 1000 classes? Remember, the key is to not overexert yourself.

Your diet this week is equally as important. Of course, pre-conditioning 101 means that you need to drink plenty of water. There are no shortcuts here – stay hydrated during taper week. Period.

Now you also have the chance to carbo-load. This doesn’t mean grabbing a burger and chips! Knead, Bootlegger and NV-80 all have tasty carb-based meals that are healthy and filled with the nutrients you need to sustain your energy throughout the race. PS: the Lentilles du Puys should be a mandatory side with every main. It’s incredible!

On the day

It goes without saying that you need to get enough rest the night before you take on this race, so get to bed early and wake up early. Make sure you have everything organised so that you’re not rushing around on the morning of the big day. The Point Centre is known for its central location so it’s perfect for you and your supporters to park in. Just hop in the MyCiTi bus to take you to the Grand Parade Precinct starting point!


Race recovery is key to feeling like a true champion. If you haven’t been to our Health and Wellness hub on the 3rd Floor, this is the perfect excuse.

Ensure your body is feeling aligning and in tip-top shape by visiting an array of experts. You could step in for a visit to the chiropractor – it’s widely known that cycling doesn’t do much for your posture! Gear down after the race by booking a muscle-conditioning sports massage. Plus, there are two amazing yoga studios to help you stretch your muscles and align your chakras after such an intense race.

Whatever your needs are for the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2019, The Point Centre is your partner through it all. Remember, wellness looks good on you!

Until next time,
The Point Team x

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