Creating Christmas with Checkers and The Point

The countdown to Christmas has begun!


If you’ve only just realised that you’re way behind on your meal planning, not to worry, Checkers South Africa and The Point shopping centre have you covered.


Whether you want a traditional Christmas lunch or dinner with all the trimmings or if you’ve decided to become vegan this year and aren’t sure what to serve up, we have a guaranteed four-step plan to help you deliver a spectacular Christmas meal, in no time!


Step One: Pick your protein



At Checkers The Point, you are spoilt for choice with a selection of Roast Beef, Sweet Mustard Tongue or even a Turducken. These are all ready to cook and serve in 20 minutes. If you prefer to cook from scratch, take your pick of Gammon, Duck or Corned Beef.


For Vegans, we highly recommend the Fry’s Country Roast. Their online cookbook shows you how to turn this simple staple into an orange glazed piece of perfection! Pair it with their Pecan Stuffing to keep even the non-vegans coming for seconds.


Step Two: Pick your sides



Gone are the days where your side dishes take a back seat at the family Christmas meal.


The Checkers “Ready in Minutes” range caters to every taste. Pair these hot sides with some great salad options and your meal is very nearly done.



With the amazing fruit and veg available during the summer season, Vegans really have the best of both worlds.


One could easily whip up a tray of Mediterranean roast veggies topped with olives or a stone fruit salad with fresh herb leaves, like rocket and watercress.


Step Three: Pick your dessert



It wouldn’t be tradition if you didn’t have a Christmas Cake!


Checkers was voted South Africa’s favourite Christmas Cake by the Sunday Times, so you best believe this is the one you should be buying this year. Pair it with a simple vanilla cream or a custard and you’re ready to go.


If you prefer mini desserts, try the Checkers mini mince pies, they are sure to go down a treat.


Alternatively, you could opt for a dessert table and have mouthwatering options such as their Chocolate Pots, Chocolate Raspberry Torte or Champagne and Apricot Jelly.



For a delicious vegan option, why not whip up some coconut cream and freeze it to make ice cream? Pair it with a fruit platter and drizzle it with a dark (vegan) chocolate.


A perfect choice for our hot South African Christmas.


Step Four: Decide on your drinks and décor



For the best drinks options, pop down to your closest Checkers Liquor and have a look at their wide variety of local and international wines, beers, spirits and liqueurs.


If you’re not the best at decorating, we suggest you keep it simple with beautiful candles or lights, some crackers and a few pretty ornaments.



Add to the festive spirit by donning some fun Christmas props in all your photos this year.


Get granny and grandpa, the kids and your furbabies involved, and make some fabulous family memories!


After all, Christmas is about family and we truly hope you enjoy it with yours.



We wish you a joyous holiday season and a New year filled with peace and happiness.


Warm regards,

The Point team



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