Dirty car – damaging your ride, wallet and image!

Okay, so you haven’t washed your car in weeks, but you change your oil regularly, replace old parts when necessary and keep it running like new – what’s the big deal? It’s just dirt right? Well, a dirty car can be more than just smelly. It might actually be damaging your ride, your wallet and your image!

In general, it feels good to keep your surroundings fresh and looking their best, and that means keeping your vehicular clean too. Sometimes a clean vehicle even results in friends and co-workers asking, “Did you get a new car?” Everyone loves a compliment, and when people are impressed by the state of your ride, you’ll feel good too. The bonus: driving to work in a clean car will boost your overall mood throughout the day. Feel-good points all round!


Frequently washing the exterior of your car keeps it from looking shabby, and protects the paint and paint sealer from harsh elements like tar, sap and bird waste. The more frequently you wash, the less time these elements have to do damage. Looking after the bodywork also protects your car from rust and chips.


People are so busy with jobs and daily routines that they often just forget to keep their vehicle spic ‘n span. Taking busy lives into consideration, some car washes are far more convenient than others. For example, shoppers at The Point Mall can get their cars washed whilst they shop, bank, gym, or take a relaxing coffee break – all thanks to StopWash, South Africa’s largest car wash.


Started 14 years ago as a job creation project, the company has successfully seen over 3000 people enjoy the much needed security of a regular income, opportunities to educate their children and increased self-respect, coupled with a dramatic upgrading of their lifestyles.

StopWash now washes over 60 000 cars per month using a waterless car wash technique, which means there is no water near your car when it’s being cleaned. The core of the StopWash brand is their patented waterless 4-in-1 system, Crystal Ice, which has been used effectively to wash over 5 million cars to date. Crystal ice will leave you with a clean car and a clear conscience!

If you’re ready to change gears and have your vehicle cleaned by the most professional, friendly and environmentally conscious car wash crew, use StopWash today, situated on every parking level at The Point Mall. StopWash VTs are ready and fully equipped to clean your car where you park it. Can it get any more convenient that that? Yes, it can. StopWash now accepts credit and debit cards as well as Snapscan.


  • Wipes your vehicle’s surface without harm: Waterless car wash formulas contain a mix of special lubricants and cleaning agents that lift and surround dirt particles. This allows them to wipe the surface of your vehicle clean without scratching it.
  • Saves time: The entire process of washing and waxing your car with a waterless formula is much quicker than the traditional way.
  • Protects the environment: Washing your car in your driveway with a hose is about the most environmentally unfriendly thing you can do. The water that runs off of your car when you wash it with water contains chemicals from harsh car cleaning detergents, in addition to gas, oil, and residue from exhaust fumes. All this go straight into storm drains and eventually into our lakes, rivers, and oceans. You can dramatically reduce your ecological footprint by using a waterless car wash.
  • Create long-lasting shine and protection: Waterless wash and wax products create long-lasting shine. In fact, it protects your car from catalytic converter emissions, tar, bugs, road grime, salt, and bird droppings.



A WISE INVESTMENT: Keeping your car clean can boost its re-sale value.

Even if you couldn’t’t care less about what your car looks like, you should still give a hoot about its re-sale value. It goes without saying that good looking, well-cared for cars fetch higher prices than neglected rust buckets. So not only does a dirty car damage your paint job and increase rusting, it could eat into your pocket down the line too!


Bottom line? Just keep your car clean! Cleaning and vacuuming your car’s interior actually reduces the number of bacteria you’re exposed to on a daily basis. If the interior of your car is starting to smell like the week-old French fries forgotten under your seat, it’s probably time to visit StopWash at The Point Mall and get the entire wash, wax, and undercoating package.


Are you a car star or slob? A polisher or a procrastinator? No matter what your results are, this fun online quiz helps you figure out your car-care personality and gives you customised car cleaning tips to bring out the best in your vehicle.

What does your car interior say about you? Take the quiz HERE.

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