Feng Shui Your Desk & Mind

Clear the clutter, mentally and physically, with the help of feng shui

You may not put much stock in the idea of feng shui – pronounced ‘fung shway’ – because, much like anything else, the benefits aren’t tangible, right? Where’s the evidence to prove it works? However, where’s the evidence to prove that it doesn’t work? Studies have found that with the right kind of organisation you can boost productivity, promote happiness and fix that time management problem you may have.

The state of your office workspace is a direct reflection of what is truly going on inside your head. How emotionally naked do you feel right now? Feng shui is a cultural practice that was used by ancient Chinese folk. Using the Bagua Map, which is considered a blueprint for positive energy, followers would position their possessions in office and home spaces, to promote the easy flow of positive energy into their lives.

You may not realise the impact that energy has on your emotional and physical state until you are in a situation where you feel uncomfortable. Your desk positioned to face the wall, a bad chair, and a torn ‘Aloha from Hawaii’ poster for décor, are hardly going to promote inner peace. You’ll probably feel suffocated, defeated and annoyed. If your workspace remotely resembles that description, or it looks okay but makes you feel unhappy, it’s time to dress your desk for success.

Feng Shui Your Desk

Organise your desk

Using the Bagua Map you can boost creativity, promote peace with the right colours and place emphasis on what you want to achieve, be it prosperity, love, health and creativity. For the most part you probably just want a neat workspace that doesn’t make you feel like you’re falling apart; well, this works. I dare you to try it.

Avoid facing the wall

A vast barrier of nothingness promotes negative feelings. This can be countered with a scenic picture that promotes mental stimulation, or the picture of a phoenix rising from the ashes. Corny? Yes. Effective? More than you may realise. Face the door; you don’t want to sit with your back to the door as this blocks positive energy. Business comes through the door, why would you want to turn your back on that?

Clear the clutter

Getting home to a messy house does not promote peace. So, how do you think a cluttered workspace is going to promote productivity and wellness? Space to work also means space to think. Organised chaos is still chaos and once you realise that everything actually has a place, you will naturally begin to apply the same principle to your mindset.

Respect them files

Yes, that’s right. Your files are proof of your business and work. They represent the prosperity you’ve had, if you’re an entrepreneur, or excellent work that gained you a successful reputation with the company you work for. Don’t leave them on the floor and lying around. They represent you.

Avoid sharp edges & corners

You would avoid sharp corners and edges, for the most part, because they hurt when poking your skin. So, why would you have them facing you and piercing your energy? Sharp edges and corners directed towards you are referred to as poison arrows that shoot the ‘killing breath’. This is believed to make you ill, feel cheated, and it sets you in the firing line for many shortcomings at work. You may laugh, but you know that it’s going to be at the back of your mind when next you sit down and that triangular paper weight is pointing right between your eyes, or at your heart. #Justsaying.

If you don’t believe any of this, that’s okay. However, you cannot deny that a clear workspace makes life a lot easier when you need to deal with clients and paperwork. Creatives have learned that a workspace drowning in dirty coffee cups, old paper, mangled paperclips randomly placed on seats and drawers, and dead ideas inhabiting the wastepaper basket, do not promote productivity.

So the question is: Are you ready to boost that productivity, clear your headspace and let in the good energy that really does exist?

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