Find your balance

When our movements are uncoordinated, our bodies constantly expend energy to compensate for generally, unconscious instability.

Balancing postures develop and enhance the functioning of the Cerebellum; the brain center regulating motor movements and proprioception.

When we ‘fire up’ this portion of the brain the electrical currents also enliven surrounding intelligent centers of the brain. The Cerebellum does contain almost half of the brain’s neurons, specialized cells that transmit information via electrical currents, and as such just imagine the benefits of waking this part of our brain up.

Increased awareness of muscle coordination needed for balancing postures enhances functional movement and improves posture.

Join AWAKE Yoga Studio for classes that focus on simple and effective techniques that improve balance and wellbeing. The intention of this studio is for yoga to be relatable and accessible to everyone.

Contact Jeannie Holmes on +27 079 691 1321 for further booking information.

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