Fitness and exercise clothes for winter

Tips on what to wear and what to keep in mind while working out in winter

Working out during winter can be tough, especially when the clouds are dark and you know a storm is looming. It is important that you keep your workout routine going through the cooler months so that you don’t lose momentum – as the saying goes, “summer bodies are made in winter”. For men and women alike, finding workout clothes that will keep you warm but not too hot is a struggle. Fortunately, we have a few solutions for you. So fight the fear of freezing weather and get out there with these useful clothing tips.

Get a lightweight jacket

The weather in itself can be temperamental, especially in Cape Town. The sun may be out and it may feel fresh for now but halfway into your jog, don’t be surprised if a rogue cloud comes out of nowhere and blasts a storm your way. This scenario is highly likely, so it is important to take a lightweight running jacket with you no matter what type of exercise you’re doing.

Don’t invest in a jacket that is too heavy because when you’re feeling too hot or the rain has come to a stop, you can always tie the jacket around your waist easily and enjoy the rest of your workout. Avoid fleece cover-ups; while they are super warm, when it gets wet, it becomes heavy and uncomfortable.

Long length tights

Any exposed skin throughout the cooler months can bring a week of staying in bed stuck with the flu. Lycra, spandex or elastane materials work best with leggings, as the material won’t hinder your movement should it get wet. Find leggings that extend all the way down to your ankle to increase your protection against the elements. Surprisingly, ankles, wrists and shoulders are body parts that make your entire body feel cold when left exposed, so keep this in mind when choosing exercising clothes.

Thin socks

You may think that cooler weather requires thicker socks, but on the contrary, you’d be more comfortable in thin socks. Your feet pick up and maintain more heat than any other part of your body. It is also protected by your shoes, which already argues that the thinner your socks are, the better. If your feet get too hot and sweaty, it will weigh your body down and make you feel uncomfortable. The key to working out during winter is to be as comfortable as possible.


When sweat gets cold, your body will feel it. If you don’t usually wear sweatbands, winter is the time to try them out. Wear one around your head and a couple on your wrists. Specially designed fleece sweatbands will gather and retain sweat, not allowing it to drip and fluctuate your body’s temperature.

Temperature adjusting material

Adidas recently introduced the ClimaCool range. ClimaCool fabric adjusts its density according to your body’s temperature. This way your body remains at a consistent, regular temperature throughout your workout.

Don’t let a little rain hold you back, get outside and enjoy the fresh air. We have a few stores in The Point Mall that stock a wide range of winter sportswear such as Lorna Jane and Sportsman’s Warehouse.

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