Get ready for summer in Cape Town by living actively

Start slowly and work your way to a summer beach bod and a fit lifestyle

If all of winter’s delicious warm treats like hot chocolate and cakes have helped you gain a few extra pounds, then it’s time to take control and whip that body into shape. Remember, transforming your body takes time, but a quick fix will motivate you and make you feel a lot more confident when stepping out onto the beach this summer.

Homeward bound

If you can’t bear the thought of people seeing you after the winter hibernation, no problem. Start within the boundaries of your home. The key to home exercise is dedication and self-control. It’s also time to throw out the winter treats; trade those for fresh fruit and vegetables to help get your body back on track. All you need is a small space that will allow you a full range of motion.

Exercise DVD’s are a great help, try something fun like Zumba or Tae-Bo. These cardio-intensive workouts are not only enjoyable, but they get your heart rate up and destroy calories fast. Remember; burning calories equals burning fat. You don’t have to spend money on instructional videos, you can do basic floor exercises to get yourself into the motion of proper gym training. Squats, crunches, bicep curls and bicycle crunches are simple to do and are proven home workout busters. Alternatively, purchase a skipping rope and jump on the spot. Skipping is fun and offers great fat-loss results.

Baby steps

When you are ready to meet other fitness enthusiasts, head down to Sea Point’s premier gym, the BUC Fitness Club and S.W.E.A.T 1000. Getting back into the routine of working out can be daunting, especially when walking into the gym makes you feel like you are entering a torture chamber. Luckily, friendly professionals are at the helm of BUC, making the process easy and somewhat enjoyable for you. The gym is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and weight training equipment, so you can take your pick of some of the best apparatus in the country.

If you would fee that you need more motivation, the gym offers supplementary classes in the form of S.W.E.A.T 1000. Here, you will burn more calories than you thought possible. You will train with other people of various capabilities; don’t feel discouraged, chances are, you’ll find someone facing the same battle as you. The class incorporates treadmill runs, agility, weight and strength training to burn fat and build those muscles to get you in shape for summer, fast. Alternatively, if you’d like a more relaxed atmosphere, the gym also provides a balanced Pilates studio at an extra cost for you to tone your body and increase flexibility.

The great outdoors

Show off some of your hard work and continue to build that summer bod outside. Go for a run on the beach, or better yet, a Table Mountain hike. There are many trails to choose from, just be sure to go in a group if you would like to explore a new one. This is the epitome of living an active life; once you get over the initial fear of working out and you increase your fitness level, you will start doing it for fun. Don’t be surprised if you get an itch to visit the trim gym at the beginning of the promenade on a Saturday morning to get your day started. You can even choose a patch of grass close to the park and practise yoga poses with a friend. Nature is your oyster. Use the beautiful scenery to distract you from your burning muscles.

So, start working on your summer body now. Burn, build and tone muscles along with eating healthy foods and you can walk out of your home confidently, knowing that you have made an effort to live an active lifestyle.

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