Mandela Day 2018

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela


Every South African knows that the 18th of July is Mandela Day. The understanding is that we should spend 67 minutes doing something “good”, but what does it actually mean and how do we go about getting involved?


The idea of Mandela Day is to help someone less fortunate than yourself. It is a day that serves to bring people from around the world together to fight poverty and promote peace, reconciliation and cultural diversity.


How can you get involved?


There are many ways, for each of us to contribute. It can be something as simple as donating food or some of your time, too much bigger gestures like education or mentoring and in some cases even, adoption. Each person is urged to give or do what they can for 67 minutes, with no task or gesture too big or too small.


Some great ideas include:

  • Donating food to a shelter or making food parcels and handing them out.
  • Giving clothing, toiletries or blankets to those in need.
  • Offering your time by joining upliftment projects that paint, fix and better homes, shelters or hospitals.


If you aren’t a ‘hands-on’ person, you could simply make a phone call to your nearest shelter to find out what they need and have it delivered. There’s also the option of donating money to an established charity that can allocate your monetary contribution accordingly. Remember, the important part isn’t what you choose to do, it’s that you choose to do it.


#actionagainstpoverty is the goal for Madiba’s centenary, here are 5 ways to get involved:


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Our tenants have a few amazing initiatives lined up which you are encouraged to join:


Lastly, The Point will be hosting our own fantastic initiative by collecting clothing and toiletries for the men and women at The Haven Night Shelter in Napier Street, Greenpoint. Please keep an eye on our social platforms for the finer details and see how you can help us reach our target for the day!


We look forward to seeing the incredible ways you spent your time on Mandela Day 2018.


Till next time,

The Point Team x


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