Renting an office in The Point Mall takes care of all your needs

Whether you need convenient parking, a view, food or a daily cup of coffee, you’ll get it all when you rent office space at The Point Mall

Let’s face it, work is not always fun. Some days it feels like the clock is ticking extra slowly and it feels like the walls of the office are closing in on you. When you rent an office space at The Point, all of that will change. The modern building’s new offices were designed in such a way as to help employees enjoy their nine-hour work days, while appreciating the conveniently close amenities.

There’s more than one place to get a delicious cup of coffee from arriving at the office in the early mornings. Bootleggers and Knead can give you the perfect flat white to kick-start your day. There’s even an early bird special at Bootleggers for those who buy their cup-of-joe before 8:30am.

With easy access from all the main roads and closely situated to the CBD and Camps Bay, you can easily avoid traffic. The Point Mall also has plenty of secure parking available and offers their tenants parking in the basement, which means your car will be safe during the day and protected from the harsh elements of nature. Conveniently, you don’t have to park out in the cold and wet during winter; you get to park undercover in the dry basement and walk to the nearest lift to take you to your warm office.

One of the most amazing things about having an office in The Point building is without a doubt the views. Designed with large flush glazed windows right around the office you get to sit at your desk and see the ocean, Signal Hill, The Sea Point Promenade or Camps Bay, depending on where your office is facing. Never again will you feel the walls closing in on you. Enjoy views of the stretched out ocean, whales, dolphins and the sunrise, all from the comfort of your workspace.

When it comes to lunch and breakfast, The Point Mall has more than enough options. The building hosts a newly renovated Checkers where you can shop to your heart’s content. If you’re looking for a place to have lunch or need to meet someone for business, you have the choice between NV-80 and any of the coffee shops.

If you want to stay in shape and exercise during your lunch hour or straight after work, you can head to the gym or Concept Studio, both situated in The Point Mall. If you need a relaxing massage or want to reward yourself for all your hard work, pop down to Yemaya Spa or Sorbet to get a manicure or some other luxury treatment.

Even if you feel like you’re coming down with something or suffer from sore muscles, you can find health practitioners, physios and chiropractors and a Dischem in The Point Mall.

It’s always such a mission to stop at the shops on your way home from work to get groceries or dinner but the convenience of Checkers close by takes care of that.

Make the choice to start enjoying your job and workspace by renting office space at The Point Mall. It’s the perfect place for your office space.

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