Savour the taste of summer flavours

Besides the heat, summer in Cape Town brings delicious food to any holiday season

Facing the summer heat in Cape Town is tough, but the delicious tastes of summer foods make it a little easier to bear. Forget the big meals and fill your plate with light flavours that flirt with the tongue and leave you feeling completely satisfied.



Breads are a great entrée all year round, but summer calls for something more than an ordinary olive oil and balsamic vinegar combination. A bruschetta is essentially lightly grilled bread, usually ciabatta, topped with tomatoes, garlic and a little bit of basil for a kick. The flavours mix well, and it feels like a summer fiesta in your mouth.



Salads are a summer staple. We all have our favourites; three-beans, tri-noodle, waldorf… but why not try something new? Tis’ the season for exploration and excitement, a summer romance will only last a season, but a new salad recipe is yours forever! Use your favourites as a base and incorporate summertime ingredients to add a pop of flavour and give your tastebuds something to be excited about. Leafy salads are nice and light, add your protein of choice (chicken is always a favourite) and throw in a few orange cubes or strawberries. These fruits are the perfect addition to any salad. If you would prefer not to use fruit, add some cashew or pine nuts and even explore with different types of chesses. Make your summer salad fun and full of life.


Summer is the perfect time for a good old-fashioned braai. This option will definitely fill the hunger pangs of many wanderers in search of a substantial summer meal that is not too heavy. Grab that grill and slap on your favourite meats. Burgers and boerewors rolls are simple to make; braai the meat, add the carbs and sauce of choice, as well as some basic salad ingredients. In minutes you will know exactly what summer tastes like.


Ice cream

It’s the first thing on everyone’s mind when you hear the word dessert. It is the quintessential poster child for the summer season, next to a hot sun and a beautiful beach. Ice-cream flavours are becoming more experimental as the years fly by. After spending the day at the park or the beach, the last flavour you would want to tuck into is wasabi or spaghetti (unfortunately, those really exist). Not all new flavours are horrible. A whiskey-infused flavour has made the rounds and has become increasingly popular, as well as a salted caramel flavour. Visit your local creamery and enquire about brand new summer flavours.



The first snack you reach for in summer should always be a fruit. Refreshing and sweet, summer fruits are the perfect snack to keep you hydrated in a healthy way. If you’re not a fan of freshly sliced fruits, try incorporating fruit into a delicious smoothie, a fresh fruit juice, your favourite cocktail. You can even try your hand at making your own fruit sorbet during the holidays! Not sure which fruits are in season? Here is a seasonal guide for basic fruit:

Spring (September, October November) Summer (December, January, February)
Sweet melon

Whether you are spending your summer relaxing on the beach, or chilling at the park, these light summer flavours will keep your tummy smiling throughout Cape Town’s blistering summer season!

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