When sportswear meets science

Whether you’re constantly in the gym or prefer an odd jog here and there, there is no denying that ‘I’m-a-superstar’ feeling when you’re wearing awesome gym wear. The days of wearing your old t-shirt and dirty leggings are long gone and have since been replaced with trendy and funky active wear.

Lorna Jane has become a leading women’s active wear manufacturer and seller across the globe. Looking into any of her stores around the world, you’ll see a mixture of bright and monotone colours, exciting prints and cool accessories. You’ll see inspirational quotes on the walls and beautiful décor that screams women empowerment.

What most people don’t realise is that there is a science behind Lorna Jane’s active wear designs. As a well-established global brand, she has trademarked LJ Excel™ fabrics, which has unique characteristics that embody the Lorna Jane brand.

The different LJ Excel™ fabrics are:


Microfibre technology is used in clothing to create a more supportive garment and a slicker fit. This is one of the most popular products, as it provides protection as well as a beautiful fit that hides any unflattering bits.


If high-intensity workout is your middle name, then purchasing clothes made from LJ Excel™ Compression fabric is the way to go. It offers unique stretching abilities and a high-level of support for the most challenging workout. These were designed to ease muscle stiffness and reduce fatigue.


This lightweight material was created as a comfortable garment aimed to keep you cool and dry. You can work out and even run errands in this active wear.

Power Mesh

Meet mesh’s younger sibling. Built on the comfort of mesh to become an innovative high-performing fabric. Power Mesh clothing contains nylon and elastane that helps create a sleek look, combats moisture retention and provides the ultimate support.

Honeycomb Mesh

One of the prettiest fabrics, honeycomb mesh offers a feminine look that is functional and breathable. The textured finish allow these garments to be worn as comfortable, everyday wear or for sporting activities.

Sliver Tech Mesh

An innovative fabric that combines poly-elastane and Aerosilver™, Silver Mesh is designed for high-intensity activities. This is a quick dry fabric features anti-microbial and odour-preventing properties.

Sphere Mesh

This has become a firm favourite amongst Lorna Jane customers. It’s a versatile fabric that can be worn for a light walk or jog, or a hectic spinning class!

Whether you want to achieve optimum performance, swifter movement, or just to look good, Lorna Jane’s active wear will satisfy your needs. Speak to one of the sales assistants at any Lorna Jane branch for more details.

Speak to one of the sales assistants at any Lorna Jane branch for more details.

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