Top 10 Apps for Eating Healthy

It’s time to turn our minds to eating healthy

Summer is fast approaching and, as the days begin to lengthen and the temperature starts to rise, it’s time to leave behind the stodgy comfort foods of Winter and turn our attention to the season of eating healthy and living well.

It’s not just about weight loss

Many of us associate healthy eating with losing weight and depriving ourselves of the foods we love but this is a fallacy. Yes, eating healthy may result in reduced centimetres, but it can be enjoyable too. Eating healthy is eating smart. It’s about feeling good, looking great, having more energy, stabilising our emotional outlook and establishing intelligent behavioural patterns.

Don’t be scared – help is on hand!

The great thing about living in a time when new technology is advancing and improving minute by minute, is that we can seek immediate assistance for almost everything related to our daily lives. Eating healthy is no exception and there are many apps out there to guide us along the way. Here is our guide to the Top 10 Apps for Eating Healthy.

1. General Guide to Healthy Eating: Fat Secret

Okay, this is a website rather than an app, but the best thing about it is that it gives you access to dozens of mobile apps that are linked to eating healthy. So if you want a one-stop-source of information related to topics such as diet planning, nutrition and nourishing recipes, this is a good place to start.

2. Meal Planning: Kudolife

Download this app to design your own healthy eating meal planner that will help you manage and improve blood sugar, digestion, energy, and heart health.

3. Recipes: Spark Recipes

This claims to the world’s largest healthy recipe source, listing more than 500 000 recipes, video demos and cooking tips.

4. Teach your children well: Nicolas’ Garden

Founded by nine-year-old Nicolas Come, this is an app for kids by kids, focusing on making eating healthy fun. Aimed at youngsters between the ages of 5–15, the app offers recipes, info on ingredients and shopping lists. They can even upload photos of the dishes they create.

5. Shopping: Shop Well

Download the app, enter your personal details and your health goals and create your customised shopping list. Point the scanner at food items and the app will tell you if they are a good choice for you or a particularly good idea if you have any allergies. Learning how to shop well is vital for a healthier lifestyle. (Checkers; Myog. The Point Mall.)

6. Ingredients: EWG Food Scores

This site links you to an app that rates more than 80 000 products according to nutrition, ingredient concerns and extent of processing, all of which is vital info for developing your new eating healthy plan.

7. Food substitutes: Healthy Food Switch

This simple-to-use app lets you scan the barcodes of packaged foods anywhere giving access to immediate information about the product’s nutritional make-up and recommending healthier options where available.

8. Tracking: My Fitness Pal

One of the best ways to get the most out of your healthy eating plan is simply to keep track of what you eat. Download this site’s mobile app to create your own food journal. The site also connects to other useful eating plan and exercise apps. (BUC Fitness Club; Concept Studio; S.W.E.A.T. 1000. The Point Mall.)

9. Banting: Go Banting

If you are following a low-carb-high-fat diet then this app is for you. With more than 100 recipes in eight different categories, the GoBanting app breaks recipes down into ingredients and method while even offering a shopping list section where you can add items to your list on the go. (Dis-Chem. The Point Mall.)

10. Dining Out: Zomato

Use this app to find the country’s top healthy eating restaurants. The site offers links to establishments in all major centres including Cape Town. (Knead Bakery; NV-80. The Point Mall.)

Explore health and wellness for you and your family

We’ve listed some of the most popular eating healthy apps for your convenience. If you need further assistance with health matters or developing a wellness plan for you and your family, contact The Point Mall: Wellness | TasteActive.

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