Our top 5 Vegan eateries in Cape Town

Veganism is by far the biggest trend of 2018 and with all the health benefits associated with it, it’s easy to see why. For those just wanting a meat-free Monday or for the true vegans at heart, here are our top 5 Vegan eateries in Cape Town.



It’s not just the coffee and the food, it’s the casual feel, the relaxed but vibey atmosphere and the way they produce amazing, healthy food so effortlessly. This local spot with its wooden and rustic exterior feels like home and is the perfect pitstop after a walk on the promenade.

98 Regent Road, Sea Point- 021 434 1364


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With a pop up in the MOJO Market and their home base nestled in Orphan street, this wholesome and well-priced gem has a great balance between healthy and ‘junk’ food. Their pizzas,  loaded with seitan and vegan cheese, will have the non-vegan in you questioning the difference.

11 Orphan Street, Cape Town- 021 422 0347


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This Harrington street hotspot is a favourite for those vegans who miss their ‘junk’ food. Their fresh rose gold interior and their friendly staff set the tone for a fantastic meal. With everything from ‘chicken’ nuggets to their tasty (and enormous) burgers, it’s no wonder they are so popular amongst locals who can finally grab a vegan take away after a night out!

37 Barrack Street, Corner of Harrington and Barrack Streets- info@lekkervegan.co.za


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Established in 2013, Plant offers the best of both worlds by serving gourmet vegan food as well as allergy-free options on their menu. They are committed to great food, human and animal-based charities AND educating people about food. You can find pasta favourites like ‘Carbonara’ and “Dirty Mac ‘n Cheese”, ensuring all your pre-vegan food cravings are met.

8 Buiten Street, corner of Loop, Cape Town – 063 823 1198


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This superfood mecca boasts with all the healthy immune-bosting, cell-enriching goodness you could ask for. Owner Beatrice Holst, an avid raw vegan, has created this eatery with optimal health in mind using superfoods like spirulina, chaga and coconut oil in her daily raw creations. We love their detox boxes and magnificent shakes, packed with flavour and goodness.

 38 Hout Street, Cape Town-  079 599 6277


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Isn’t it fantastic that Cape Town has so many great Vegan restaurants? And these are only our Top 5! Let us know which ones are your favourites.



The Point Team x

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