The Biodynamics Team delivers a multi-directional global approach for achieving maximum overall wellness. They treat you as a whole rather than a symptom. The Biodynamics Therapy Program revolves around helping patients regain physical mobility, strength, balance, and endurance.

Because no two feet are alike, and the left side of the body is often different in size, sometimes shape, and function to the right side, it is logical that you will, at some point in your life, experience aches and pains in your body due to different activities. Therefore, at Biodynamics they strive to ensure that your body works symmetrically left to right and that you are able to use your body as efficiently as possible to minimize your injuries and keep you in a biomechanically sound condition.




Upon arriving at the Bio-Dynamics Institute, you will have a quick discussion with Carlo about the nature and extent of your problem/issue. He will ask you a number of questions about your lifestyle and activity levels in order to get a clear understanding and background.



After that, our sports scientist will perform a full-body alignment and GAIT check. This will involve having markers placed on your shoulders, spine, hips, and legs. You will be barefoot for the assessment in order to get an accurate account of your current condition. Some photos and videos will be taken of you standing still and walking on a treadmill which takes approximately 15 minutes. The treadmill operates at a very slow speed so you will not break a sweat.


You will then return to Carlo who will go through the videos and photographs with you, carefully explaining and analysing everything so you clearly understand the identified problems. At this stage, you may be referred for muscular function testing or x-rays to determine the extent of the problems. It is vital we get as much information as possible before progressing with treatment.



When you arrive for the running lab, be prepared to sweat! You won’t just be walking up and down in a few pairs of shoes. In order to see which shoe suits you best, we’ll need to test you thoroughly in each one.


We work with four fantastic brands that produce phenomenal results week in and week out. These are Brooks, Puma, Mizuno and New Balance.


What you’ll need:

– Current Running Shoes
– Running Attire
– Water Bottle
– Towel (Showers Available)

We’ll first place a sophisticated heart rate monitor on you and take down some basic information such as your height, weight, resting heart rate and current activity level before we give you the opportunity to warm up. This will be done inside on the treadmill and outside on our beautiful running track overlooking the Atlantic Ocean so you get familiar with the testing environments.



Once you have reached a satisfactory level of fatigue, we will identify the heart rate, breathing rate, and stress level so that we can test you at a consistently equal state in all of the shoes for the most accurate comparison possible. The second piece of equipment will then be fitted which will monitor your biomechanical factors.

We will then test you in each pair of shoes inside on the treadmill and outside on the track until we have collected all of the data necessary which will be via video capture, biomechanical measuring, and physiological monitoring.

While you shower and change (or recover) we will organise and print the results for you. When you are ready we will go through the data and explain the results to you. Video analysis will be viewed to illustrate the different effects the shoes have on your running style.

The shoes will be available for purchase straight away and you could be walking away with the key to a personal best an hour after you walked in the door.


Procedure 1 – Identifying the source of your pain/problem

Whatever pain or discomfort you are in, whether it’s a bunion forming on your foot, lower back pain, or your knees are hurting during a run, it’s important to remember that this is most likely a symptom of something going on in your body somewhere else. We usually find that when the alignment and biomechanics of your body are out, you unconsciously try and adjust for this, which results in bad posture and compensatory movements that you aren’t even aware of. This compensatory movement and incorrect alignment can result in symptoms of pain all over your body as well as increase your risk for injury. In procedure 1 we listen to you to find out what pain you are dealing with, and then perform a full video gait and biomechanical analysis to identify the source of your problem.


Procedure 2 – X-Ray Analysis and Treatment Recommendation

Following Procedure 1, you can choose to take home what we have told you and deal with it on your own, or you can go for a recommended full body x-ray and come back to us. The x-rays allow us to get a real-time look at what is truly going on inside your body, ensuring no misdiagnosis is made. We perform a thorough analysis of your x-rays with you, and from here we will recommend a treatment plan for you, that will help you on your journey to a Better, Stronger and Faster you. Treatment will include custom-made orthotics that will help correct your alignment and we will provide you with an exercise regime.


Procedure 3 – Muscle Function Testing and SEMG

When your alignment and biomechanics are off, this usually results in muscular imbalances in your body. This test allows us to compare the concentric force and power that isolated muscle/s can produce and allows a direct comparison on opposing sides of the body. It is a highly effective technique used to identify key weaknesses and imbalances in the body, so we know where to start your process to a better, stronger, faster you. Furthermore, this muscle function testing also allows for an accurate way to track your progress over time and enables us to make sure you are on the right path to recovery. This test also includes Surface Electromyography (SEMG) which is used to detect isolated muscle function and activity when performing various exercises.


Procedure 4 – Now I’m ready to run, but I need the right shoes!

Welcome to our pride and joy, our Running Lab. When you arrive in our Run Lab, be prepared to sweat. We aren’t just going to let you try on different shoes, and walk a couple of steps in them like you do at any sporting goods shop. No. You are going to be running in each of our recommended shoes, inside on a treadmill and outside on our beautiful state-of-the-art running track overlooking the sea. Following extensive video gait analysis, biomechanical measuring of your physical, technical and efficiency parameters, and physiological monitoring we will determine the best shoes for you. You will leave our Run Lab not only with your perfect pair of running shoes but also a fitness report and an analysis of your running technique.


Procedure 5 – I’m not in pain, I just need new running shoes

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you aren’t in any pain, and just need the perfect pair of running shoes then you are still in the right place. You’ll still get the full package deal in our Run Lab (see procedure 4).


Procedure 6 – I’m not in pain, I just want my running style assessed.

We can do this for you too! Just come dressed in your running gear and make sure to bring in your current pair of running shoes. We will test your running gait as well as your technical, physical and efficiency running parameters at three different speeds, and generate a full report for you. You will know how you are running, what you are doing wrong and how you can be Better, Stronger and Faster.



*All copy, images, and video have been supplied by the Biodynamics Studio.



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