Winning Beach Styles

For fashionistas and fashionmeisters, your summer style is really what makes or breaks your holiday. Once winter is over, you have the opportunity to get out and do all these fun activities, while showing off your chic outfit choices. A tricky activity to navigate is going to the beach. Yes it’s a relaxed day where you don’t need to dress up and wear make-up, but there is still an opportunity to put your best Havaiana forward and rock the sandy shores.

Keep it simple

Please don’t arrive to the beach wear jeans. It’s not even worth explaining why, but there are some people who still commit this fashion crime. Whether it’s a slip on dress or a shorts with a vest (this goes for guys too), you don’t need to go over the top because you’re just going to take it off anyway.

Wear easy, comfortable shoes

The humble flip flop is perfect for a beach day. Most beaches in Cape Town require quite a trek to get to the sand unless you have VIP parking! When the sun beats down, you don’t want to be caught without shoes because your feet will burn – not a good look. Flip flips are the best choice because they’re easy to slip on and off, and are not heavy to carry in your bag if you choose not to wear them.

Choose your swimsuit correctly

Boys, you don’t have to worry about this one. A comfortable, confident looking person on the beach, is always having the most fun. Look, we all have body issues so choose a swimsuit that makes you feel like the best you. If you feel amazing in a bikini, a one-piece, a speedo or board shorts, you rock it no matter what society says! You’re going to spend the whole day in your swimsuit so make sure you are absolutely happy in it.
Style it out with a cover up

For the uber chic, cover ups are a must. Beautiful prints and colours exude fun and excitement, and blacks and neutrals emit feelings of elegance and class. Pick your mood for the day – it’s also great to have one colour palette between your swimsuit, accessories and cover up.

Accessories for the win

Some celeb-worthy shades, a big floppy hat or sexy trucker cap and you’ll look as hot as they come. There are accessories for every personality type. The worst thing you can do is wear chunky beach jewellery when it’s trending but you hate wearing a bracelet in general – it will make you feel and look uncomfortable.

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