WILD THING is a contemporary yoga studio situated in the heart of Sea Point, Cape Town founded by Lexi Ryman and Dominique Vieira.

The Sanskrit translation of Wild Thing or Camatkarasana means ‘the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart’ and that is exactly what this yoga studio is for us. A love for yoga is where this all started and Wild Thing is that love in a tangible form.

WILD THING offers a variation of Vinyasa based yoga and body conditioning classes running from early morning through to the early evening throughout the week. Our classes will cater for all levels and aspiring Yogis…

But we want to make sure that you are getting your chakras aligned – AF is a little different. Think Broga, think Hip-Hop yoga, think candle-lit yoga – all with panoramic mountain views.

If you think this is something you and your yoga practice can work with, or if you’re just starting out, we’d love you to join us and our yogas squad.

Find our full schedule on our website.